Code Effect
PYRO [Weapons] You must deal with the third wave of opponents using anti-aircraft weapons
JESTER [Eliminate Tower] Destroy radar vehicles and then eliminate the TGT-CTRL tower.
BAYONET [Kill Enemies] You will need to deal with all enemies in 90 seconds before Missile Alert event is activated.
RONIN [200m Sea level] At the beginning of this mission, you need to stay no higher than 200 meters above sea level.
FANG [Incoming Damage] While your weapons are switched off, absorb at least 75% of the incoming damage.
KITTEN [Fly] Find a narrow tunnel on the western side of the base in the mountains and fly through it.
FAUCON [TGT] Destroy the enemies who are not marked as targets (TGT) on the map while completing the first part of the mission.
GAZELLE [Timer Zero] Destroy oil rigs before the timer reaches zero. The enemy will appear at the top of the map.
SPIDER [50%] Destroy 50% of opponents that are not marked as targets
LOUVETEAU [Missiles] Destroy all surface-to-air missiles as soon as possible.
CHASSEUR [Aircraft] Destroy all aircraft in the northernmost part of the base before they are able to take off.
IBIS [Platform] here is a narrow passage on the northeast platform.
WALRUS [Stohehenge] Prevent damage to Stonehenge by stopping all bombers and opponents on the ground.
BUFFLE [A-10] Destroy all A-10 which are not marked as targets (TGT).
FOUDRE [Stonehenge] You need to find a narrow part under Stonehenge weapons and fly through it.
COMET [Launch Facilities] eal with missile launch facilities as soon as possible.
GADFLY [Canyon] Go to the end of the canyon.
SERPENT [5,000] Earn 5000 points above the required amount.
BOGEN []Anti-Aircraft] You need to destroy the ship with anti-aircraft guns near the base.
AXEMAN [15,000] Earn 15000 MRP to find the Ace at the southern outskirts of the port town.
MANTIS [Fly Closer] You need to fly as close as possible above Mass Driver as if you were taking off from it.
LYNX [Castle] You must get rid of all opponents before flying to the castle.
TEMPEST [20,000] You need to earn 20000 MRP at the beginning of the mission.
CALAMITY [20,000] Earn 20000 MRP in the first part of the mission.