Code Effect
st2 Invincibility
cheath [1,000] 1,000 HP
st1 [1,000] 15,000 HP
cheats [50 skil] 50 speed skil
cheatw [100] 100 weapons reloading skill
cheatm or stm [10,000] 10,000 money
stammo [ammo] Extra ammunition
stgod [skills] [money] All skills (except perk) 100 or 200 sequential, and +50,000 money
stwnn [skip] Level skip
cheatexp or stexp [experience] Gain experience for next level
stkk [1,000] Kill all monsters within 1,000 pixels
stk9 [kill on map] Kill all monsters on map
stshop [shops] Download shop on the level
stmus [number] Advance indicated number of music tracks
stmusstop [track] Stop current music track
stat Toggle current statistics
remgamma Remove gamma from level