Age of Empires

More than 20 years old, released in 1997 the game Age of Empires, also known as AoE, is a real-time strategy game. You are tasked with building and operating an empire originating in the Stone Age, and proceeding through to the Iron Age (and even to the Roman Empire with the Rise of Rome DLC).

Age of Empires Cheats

Age Of Empires Cheats has assembled a list of all 40 Age of Empires 1 cheats. All these AoE cheat codes work with the latest edition of the game on PC as well as Mac. In the list, you will see cheats from the Definitive Edition, Rise of Rome, and the BETA version.

Into the chatbox, you need to enter the cheats. It is also known as the console. By pressing the ENTER key from your keyboard, you will be able to open the chatbox. To activate it, you ought to type in a cheat code and hit ENTER once again. 

You can toggle some cheats off by typing them once again. Some cheats are not reversible, including those that convert units. Though cheats that convert units usually don’t smear their effects to units that spawn after you have used the cheat code, for instance, a cheat will change all existing units; however, new ones that spawn after will not be affected. You must save your game before using any cheat codes you are not sure about. 

The Rise of Rome expansion pack installation is needed for the codes labeled with a Rise of Rome badge. Cheats labeled with Beta Version will only work with the BETA version of the game.

To instantly find the cheats, you have to type the name of a cheat code into the search box.