Cheat Code Description

This Age of Empire 1 cheats code can reveal the whole map (all black areas in the map on the bottom right hand corner of the screen will be appeared). Typing it again will go back to the map to only visible areas you have exposed.


With this AoE 1 cheats, you can remove FoW (Fog of War). Using it again will turn Fog of War back on.


This cheat code can give you 1,000 more food.


With this cheat code you can have 1,000 more gold.


This cheat code can allow you 1,000 more wood.


This cheat code allows you 1,000 more stone.


By typing this toggle cheat once, you can turn it on; by typing it once again you can turn it off. When it gets turned on, all the buildings, units, upgrades, constructions, etc will be directly finished (100% progress). This cheat can affect each team/player in the game, including the AI. When you type it again, it will turn off.


This cheat can kill everyone that can make you victorious.


These Age of Empire 1 cheats code, you can resign (you lose the game after using this cheat).


This cheat code can make you commit suicide (which causes you to immediately lose the game).


This cheat can make you win your existing set-up.


This cheat can kill a particular player. Replace [#] with a number between 1 and 8 to symbolize the player you want to kill. To kill the player with initial position 1, you'd use kill1, kill2 would kill the player with opening position 2, etc.


NOTE: Once you use this cheat you cannot toggle back to your own society. This cheat can turn your society to 'GAIA', which is the society of "nature". When in have power over GAIA, you can control animals and other parts of nature. We suggest to saving your game just right before you go into this code (and not saving again), so that you can come back to your original society after using it.


This AoE 1 cheats code, you can transform the subsequent in Big Berthas: Stone Throwers, Catapults, and Heavy Catapults. Big Berthas can only be found by using this cheat code - they look and proceed like Heavy Catapults but have better stats, including a better blast radius, more HP, and better attack/range stats.


This cheat allows the subsequent siege units 100 more range: Ballista, and Helepolis. As this cheat doesn't transform the Line of Sight of these units, moving objectives that aren't within the creative range of the Ballista/Helepolis might not be attacked until they come within.


These Age of Empires 1 cheats code can give all cleric units the subsequent buffs: 600 HP and a gigantic speed buff.


This cheat can exchange all Villager units into Medusa units. Medusa units can only be commenced into the game via this cheat. Medusas are parallel to villagers, but when one is killed it turns into a Black Rider, and when that Black Rider is killed, it will turn into one of the subsequent units: Big Bertha, Catapult, or Heavy Catapult (at random). The Catapult/Big Bertha is the final stage, so when this is shattered it is concluding.


This cheat can change the following units into "Black Rider" units: Horse Archer, and Heavy Horse Archer. Black Riders are analogous to Heavy Horse Archers but have 60 HP and 9 attacks. When a Black Rider is killed, it changes into one of the subsequent units at haphazard: Catapult, Heavy Catapult, or Big Bertha.


This cheat can exchange all foot archers and bowmen into a cheat unit named Stealth Archer. Stealth Archers are more influential than normal bowmen, having 75HP and 10 attack, they also have two sole abilities: when standing still they turn into a tree (as a camouflage), and they are able to walk transversely water.


This cheat code can spawn a "Photon Man" unit at your Town Center. The Photon Man unit is a revolutionary soldier with a laser blaster that deals very high smash up - this unit is only available with cheat codes.


The following ships into flying ships (named "Flying Dutchman") can be turned by these Age of Empire 1 cheates, which can fly over land: Juggernaught, Catapult Trireme, Trireme, War Galley, and Scout Ship. The "Flying Dutchman" unit that these turn into is only available via cheats, has a range of 10, 200 HP, and 40 attacks.


This cheat code can spawn the "Winsett's Z" cheat unit at your Town Center. The Winsett's Z is a black car having a man with a rocket launcher. The car has 500HP, 15 ranges, and the rocket launcher has 600 attack.


This cheat code can make all ranged units that use stone as ammo throw cows and a range of villagers as ammo as an alternative (which is pretty funny). Note that that this is an illustration effect and doesn't in fact use villagers as ammo. You can use this cheat code off by typing it again.


These AoE 1 cheats can spawn the "Nuke Trooper" unit at your Town Center, which looks like the Photo Man unit, and is only available through this cheat code. The Nuke Trooper has the subsequent stacks: 100 HP, 600 attack, 88 range, a fast attack pace, and 10 armor/pierce armor.


This cheat code can make horse units’ move somewhat quicker than usual. Typing it again will turn it off.


This cheat can offer a buff for Chariot Archers. After using this cheat, they will move much quicker, and have a fire rate that is 3 times their customary speed.


At the town center, this cheat can spawn a unit named "St. Francis". The St. Francis unit is a deliberate moving unit that appears to be a cleric, but has better HP, attack, and range. Together with better stats, this unit also has the capacity to call in lightning/thunder smack attacks every 3 seconds.
The Rise of Rome


With this cheat, you  can spawn the "Zug 209" mech unit, which is only available thorugh cheats. The Zug 209 unit has 20 attack, 100 HP, 15 range, and 10 armor/pierce armor. It can attack at a slower rate than Photon Man, despite having a higher attack.
The Rise of Rome


This cheat is related to the BIG DADDY cheat code - it can spawn a white car that is armed with a rocket launcher, named Winsett's Other Z (BIG DADDY spawns Winsett's Z, which is black). The rocket launcher in this car has much lower attack than the Winsett's Z (600), but fires at 5 times its rate, which makes them about even.
The Rise of Rome


At your Town Center, this AoE 1 cheats code can spawn a Baby Prez unit, which is only obtainable via cheats. What's the Baby Prez you ask? Oh, just a baby on a tricycle with a minigun. The Baby Prez unit has 500 HP, 50 attack, and fires at a very fast rate (4 times per second).
The Rise of Rome


This cheat can turn all the birds into red dragons. Note that the dragons have 999 HP and fly much quicker than customary eagles - you can't toggle the dragons back to birds (you must kill them; new birds that re-spawn won't be dragons).
The Rise of Rome


With this cheat code, you can convert all the animals into their "Alpha" versions that have advanced HP, elevated attack, and really enhanced movement speeds.
The Rise of Rome


This cheat code allows you 1,000 stone in the BETA version of the game.
Beta Version


This cheat code allows you 1,000 wood in the BETA version of the game.
Beta Version


This cheat code allows you 1,000 food in the BETA version of the game.
Beta Version


This cheat code allows you 1,000 gold in the BETA version of the game.
Beta Version


With these Age of Empire 1 cheats, you can toggle to (make you play as) the player with the particular number. Replace [#] with the number of the player you want to switch to. To toggle to the player that had starting position 2, you'd use the cheat PLAYER2.
Beta Version


These AoE 1 cheats can make you resign, which causes you to lose the game.
Beta Version


This cheat can spawn a unit named "Fission Man" at your Town Center. The Fission Man unit is a solider that has lofty damage.
Beta Version


This cheat can spawn a unit named "Photon Man" at your Town Center. Photon Man is a unit only available through cheats and is an innovative soldier with a laser blaster that deals very high smash up.