Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology, commonly abbreviated as AOM, is a popular real-time strategy game that was launched on 30th October 2002. In AOM, you play as either the Greeks, the Egyptians, or the Norse and run an empire, which involves both managing a civilization, building an army, and entering battles with the goal of conquering all!

Age of Mythology Cheats

Age Of Mythology Cheats has assembled a list of all Age of Mythology cheats as well as cheat codes from the updated version of the game on PC or Mac, Steam and non-Steam. In the list of AoM cheats, everything is available from AoM as in Titans and AoM and Extended Edition. 

To use the Age of Mythology cheats, press ENTER on your keyboard to place the command, then type a cheat code in capital letters and click ENTER once again to send it.

You can view the AoM cheats in a desirable display by tapping on the “Table View” or “Card View.” Cheats that are categorized with The Titans badge are exclusive to The Titan DLC, and others that are labeled with the Extended Edition badge are exclusive from the Extended Edition. You can see most of the exclusive cheats located at the bottom of the list. 

Start with typing a cheat code into the given search box under the search for a particular cheat. Moreover, type the name of a DLC to strain all Age of Mythology cheats from the DLC, or a more precise phrase such as “gold” to find cheats for gold, “god power” to find cheats for god power, etc.