Ark Cheat SpawnDino <blueprintPath> <spawnDistance> <spawn-Y-offset> <Z-offset> <DinoLevel> Command

Allows you to spawn a Dino at a certain coordinate and at a specified level. Dino Blueprint List

Ark Cheat SpawnDino <blueprintPath> <spawnDistance> <spawn-Y-offset> <Z-offset> <DinoLevel> Code

In Ark, the code for cheat SpawnDino <blueprintPath> <spawnDistance> <spawn-Y-offset> <Z-offset> <DinoLevel> is:

cheat SpawnDino [blueprintPath] [spawnDistance] [spawn-Y-offset] [Z-offset] [DinoLevel]

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Name cheat SpawnDino <blueprintPath> <spawnDistance> <spawn-Y-offset> <Z-offset> <DinoLevel>
Code cheat SpawnDino [blueprintPath] [spawnDistance] [spawn-Y-offset] [Z-offset] [DinoLevel]
Game Ark (PC / Mac, Steam)