Atom RPG Cheats and Console Commands List

It does not matter; whether you want to cheat or just have a little play, the command console permits you to play with the game in all kinds of ways. To get started, press (.) (period) and (*) at the same time in-game to imply the command console into appearing, then enter "youshallnotpass" (without quotation marks). You will get a "command not found" message; however, you should neglect this as it does, in fact, work.

By doing the above steps, you can activate the cheat mode.

Console Commands
Code Effect
radiation [number] Set the radiation
hunger [number] Utilize Soviet gene modification
toxic [number] Control the toxin level
AP [number] Grant you many moves
KillAll [Comrade Lenin] Comrade Lenin makes his wrath known
AddXP [number] Adds XP
AddLevel [number] Adds number of level
Teleport [Prototype] Instantly teleport
Help [Comrade Lenin] Let you know Comrade Lenin
UnlockCraft [Recipies] Unlocks craft
UnlockMap [Pioneers] Grants knowledge of pioneers
Pobeda [Soviet] Grants you the pinnacle of Soviet
addfuel [number] Allow the Motherland to feed
Hero [Motherland] Make you a hero
AddItem [Production] Means of production
Items [Phrase] Lets you know what can produce!