American Truck Simulator Console Commands

You can simply open the console of American Truck Simulator. For this, you have to go to the home directory of game. In most of the cases, this directory is (My) Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 or (My) Documents\American Truck Simulator.

Open the file config.cfg with a text editor and set the config variable (default is 0) in uset g_developer “0” and uset g_console “0” to “1”. Once you save and start the game, you can open the console by pressing “~” tilde key on your keyboard.

You can enable the console once only, so when you do this, it will always stay enabled.

Console Commands
Code Effect
goto [x] [y] [z] Teleport to indicated coordinates
goto [city name] Teleport to indicated city; press [F9] to teleport your truck
g_police [0] [1] Toggle police penalty
g_traffic [0] [1] Toggle traffic
f_fullscreen [0] [1] Toggle full screen
r_vsync [0] [1] Toggle VSync
g_set_time [number] Set time
g_set_weather [number] Set weather
g_flyspeed [number] Set flycam speed
g_fps [number] View frame rate
save Create saved game