Baldur's Gate Console Commands List

Open the file Baldur.ini, by using any text editor (Notepad, for example) in your Baldur's Gate directory. Under the [Game Options] entry, add the line Cheats=1, save the file and run the game.

Once in the game, hit Ctrl-Tab to bring up the console in which you type the cheats. Ctrl-Tab will also close this console. Please type in the cheats precisely as they appear below and hit the Enter key to activate.<p> The list of cheats are as follows:

Console Commands
Code Effect
CTRL [1] Change armor level animation
CTRL [2] Fade screen to black
CTRL [3] Fade screen to normal
CTRL [4] Highlight background-interactive objects
CTRL [5] Unknown
CTRL [6] Change avatar animation previous
CTRL [7] Change avatar animation next
CTRL [8] Highlights the text boxes
CTRL [9] Highlight the sprites
CTRL [0] Unknown
CTRL [A] Animation avatar (see CTRL+S)
CTR [C] Jump to next chapter
CTRL [D] Display some numbers (framerate related?)
CTRL [F] Turn the character
CTRL [J] Teleport to cursor position
CTRL [K] Creature under cursor kick out party
CTRL [M] (Followed by ENTER) Debug Dump
CTRL [Q] Creature under cursor joins party (usually crash's the game soon after)
CTRL [R] Heals character under cursor
CTRL [S] Select avatar animation
CTRL [X] Extended position information
CTRL [Y] Kills creature under cursor
AddGold [int] Adds the gold specified by to the party.
AddSpell [string] Adds the spell specified by to the selected character.
CreateEngine [int] Unknown - seems to start a new single (0) or multi (1) player game.
CreateCreature [string] Creates the creature specified by .
CreateItem [string],[int1],[int2],[int3] Creates the item specified by . The parameters control the amount/charges of the item.
DisplayText [string] Displays the text specified by .
EnableCheatKeys [int] Enables (1) or disables (0) cheat keys, based on the value of .
ExploreArea Explores the current area.
MoveToArea [string] Move the selected characters to the area specified by .
PlaySound [string] Plays the sound specified by .
SetCurrentXP [int] Sets the XP of the selected character to .
SetGlobal [string1],[string2],[int] Sets the variable specified by (of type ) to the value of .
SetWeather [int] Sets the current weather.
StartStore [string] Crashes (starts the store specified by ).
Strref [On] Strings are displayed with their associated strref numbers.
Strref [Off] Strings are not displayed with their associated strref numbers.
Cheats [Hans] If you get stuck somehow this moves your characters to a free, adjacent area.
Cheats [ExploreArea] Marks the entire area as explored
Cheats [TheGreatGonzo] Summons 10 killer chickens who defend you at all cost.
Cheats [CowKill] Creates a CowKill spell if you're near a cow.
Cheats [CriticalItems] Spawns all the game critical items
Cheats [DrizztAttacks] Creates a hostile Drizzt
Cheats [DrizztDefends] Creates a friendly Drizzt
Cheats [FirstAid] Creates 5 healing potions, 5 neutralize poison potions and 1 stone to flesh scroll.
Cheats [Midas] Gives you 500 gold.
CLUAConsole [xxx] Summons a creature or NPC, where "xxx" is the name of any creature in the game.
SetCurrentXP [###] Sets your experience to ###.