Code Effect
control [name] Assume control of a character/creature
debugdraw [Toggles] Toggles "debug draw" mode
disablecrewai [Crew] Deactivates the crew AI
editmap, edit [Mode] Switches to map editing mode
enablecrewai [Crew] Activates/reactivates the crew AI
editwater, water Allows adding water
fixitems [100] Sets the condition of all items
fixwalls Fixes all damaged walls
fire Allows creation of fires
freecamera, freecam [Camera] Stops the camera
gamescreen, [game screen] Switches to game screen
godmode [Submarine] Makes the submarine invulnerable
heal [character name] Restores the specific character
killcreatures [kill all] Instantly kills all creatures
lightingenabled, lights, light [on/off] Toggles lighting effects
loadmap [name] Loads map
losenabled, los [on/off] Toggles sight effect
mainmenu, menu Switches main menu
oxygen [100] Replenishes oxygen
revive [name] Resurrect the specified character
savemap [name] Saves the map
spawnitem [itemname] [cursor/inventory] Spawns an item
spawn [creaturename] [near/inside/outside/cursor] Spawns a character
teleport [charactername] Teleports character
autorestart [true/false] Enable/disable auto-restart.
autorestartinterval [seconds] Set how long the server waits
autorestarttimer [seconds] Set autorestart
ban [name] Kick and ban the player
banid [id] Kick and ban client ID
banip [ip] Ban the IP address
campaigndestination [index] Set the location to active campaign
campaigninfo Display info of campaign.
clientlist [server] List all the clients
disablecrewai [NPC] Disable the AI
enablecrewai [AI] Enable the AI in crew
end / endgame / endround [Round] End the current round
exit / quit / close Exit the application
explosion [range] [force] [damage] [structuredamage] Creates an explosion
fire [editfire] Allows putting fires
fixwalls [fixhulls] Fixes all walls
fixitems Repairs all items
freecam Detach the camera
gamemode [name]/[index] Select the game mode
giveperm [id] Grants permissions
giverank [id] Assigns a specific rank
godmode Toggle submarine godmode
heal [character name] Restore the character health
help Lists the server commands
kick [name] Kick a player
kickid [id] Kick the player with client ID
killmonsters [AI] Immediately kills enemies
lockx [Submarine] Lock submarine horizontal
locky [Submarine] Lock submarine vertical
mission [name]/[index] Select the mission type
msg [message] Send a chat message
netstats Toggles network statistics
oxygen [air] Replenishes oxygen levels
power [temperature] Immediately sets the temperature
restart [reset] Close and restart the server
revive [character name] Bring the specified character back
revokeperm [id] Revokes administrative permission
say [message] Send a chat message
seed / levelseed Changes the level seed
servermsg [message] Change the message displayed
servername [name] Change the name of the server
setclientcharacter [client name] [character name] Gives the client control
shuttle [name] Select the respawn shuttle
spawn [creaturename] [near/inside/outside/cursor] Spawn a creature
spawnitem [itemname] [cursor/inventory] Spawn an item
start [startround] Start a new round
submarine [name] Select the submarine
teleport [character name] Teleport the specific character
togglekarma Toggles the karma
traitorlist List all the traitors
unban Unban a player
unbanip Unban a player by IP
water [editwater] Toggle water editing