Binding of Isaac Console Commands List

You need to open the console by pressing the grave/tilde (~)to run, or the appropriate key according to the keyboard used.

To protect the console, hit Enter without typing anything or press the Esc key. Pressing the up arrow key will bring up the last command used. 

Console Commands
Code Effect
spawn [Entity] Spawns an entity
goto [1010] Teleports Isaac to room
stage [1] Teleports to another floor
gridspawn [1000] Spawns a grid entity
debug [8] Enables various cheats
giveitem [dr.fetus] Gives items
remove [t53] Removes items
costumetest Gives Isaac costumes
achievement [300] Unlocks the achievement
time [Game] Prints the total amount of time
restart [New Game] Resets game to beginning
listcollectibles [Possession] Prints to the console
spawn [10] Repeats the last given command
clearseeds [Easter] Removes all easter egg effects
seed [GGGG GGGG] New run with inputted seed
challenge [20] Starts a new run on random seed
combo [0.69] Amount of random items
cutscene [1] Plays the specified cutscene
clearcache Player cache flags
macro momh Triggers a set of commands
playsfx [1] Plays the specified sound effect id
prof Unknown
profstop Unknown
curse [2] Sets a value of desired curses
reseed [Floor Seed] Generates a new floor seed
eggs [Easter Eggs] Unlocks all Easter Eggs
FART SNDS [Effects] Replaces sound with fart sounds
CAM0 K1DD [Floor] Isaac's coloration
B00B T00B [CRT] Game appears as old CRT television
BRWN SNK [Mounds] Trail of poop mounds
SL0W 4ME2 [Movement] Music speed changes
BASE MENT [Become] All floors become the basement
CHAM P10N [Eligible] Eligible enemy turn champion
BL1N DEYE [Invisible] Enemies are invisible
DRAW KCAB [Firing] Movement & firing controls
KAPP A [Spawns Gray] Character spawns gray
HARD HARD [Double Damage] Player take double damage
D0NT ST0P [Takes Damage] Damage when not moving
DYSL EXIC [Jumbled] Text becomes jumbled
KEEP AWAY [Mimic Player] Mimic player movement
PEE [Effect] Unknown effect
C0ME BACK [Respawn] Enemies respawn
PTCH BLCK [Jet Shadow] Jet black shadow
PAC1 F1SM [Doors] Doors remain open
1MNO B0DY [Isaac] Isaac is invisible
CAM0 F0ES [Difficult] Enemies are hard to see
C0CK FGHT [Charmed] Enemies are charmed
FEAR M1NT [Afraid] Enemies are afraid
FREE 2PAY [69 Coins] Begin with 69 coins
HART BEAT [Meter Drains] Music slows
KEEP TRAK [Overlay] Overlay is missing
CLST RPH0 [Cock Fight] Same effect as C0CK FGHT
THEG H0ST [1/2 Damage] Isaac takes 1/2 heart damage
BL00 00DY [Gore Effect] Ups the gore effect
1337 HAXR [Drops] Game difficulty drops
PAY2 PLAY [2PAY] Same effect as FREE 2PAY
C0NF ETT1 [Concussed] Enemies are concussed
FACE D0WN [Tarot Cards] Tarot cards face down
FRA1 DN0T [Cowardly] Enemies are cowardly
MED1 C1NE [Pill Names] Pill names are unknown