BioShock 2 Cheats and Console Commads List has made a list of all the Bioshock 2 console commands that are also known as cheats. By pressing the TAB key you can type the code.

In this procedure, you can edit the game file by making a backup copy of the files before you can proceed. Also, ensure to enable hidden files and folders to be shown in order to edit this specific .INI file. To edit the “User.ini” file you can use a text editor. 

Console Commands
Code Effect
ChangeSize [Value] Increases player collision radius (possible values: 0.0 = normal, 5.0 = large, 10.0 = larger, 15.0 = big, 20.0 = really big)
Fly Allows the player to fly around
GEP [Plasmid/Tonic name] Gives the player a specific Gene Tonic or Plasmid (e.g. GEP ElectricBoltThree) This can be used with many values in Predefined Plasmids.ini
Ghost Allows the player to move through solid objects
GiveBioAmmo Refills the EVE bar
Givehealth Refills the Health bar
GiveItem [NumberOfItem] [ItemClassName] Receive a certain number of a class of item
AddWeaponStatUpgrade [Weapon Type] [Upgrade Name] Receive the Power to the People upgrade of said weapon. See below for the full list.
TestAddResearchPoints [EnemyType] [Number of Points] Receive a certain number of research points for specified Enemy. See below for full list.
God Invincibility
IGBigbucks [$600] Gives the player $600
PlayersOnly Unfreezes/freezes everything except the player, including doors, projectiles, and other world objects
ResetEyeHeight Returns to default eye level
SetEyeHeight [Value] Changes the eye sight level. (The value is a floating point value, like 25.0 or 75.0)
SetGravity [Value] Changes the gravity, affecting physics events (0.0 = no gravity, -1400.0 = normal gravity)
SetJumpZ [Value] Sets the jump height (600.0 = about normal, 1200.0 = highest without taking damage on fall)
Slomo [Value] Changes the speed of everything (0.0 = slow, 1.0 = normal, 2.0 = fast, 3.0 = faster, 4.0 = really fast)
Suicide Kills the player character, returning them to a Vita-Chamber or the main menu
TestUnlockTrackSlot [Value] Unlock Plasmid/Tonic Slots (1 = Plasmid, 2 = Tonic. 3 = ?. 4 = ?)
Walk Disables fly and ghost mode
FreeCamera [Value] Enables/disables camera rotation (1 = enable camera to be rotated around player, 0 = returns to normal cam)
Freezeframe Freezes the game
HideHUD Disables the on-screen HUD elements
HideWidescreenBars Turns off the widescreen bars
LockCamera Prevents/enables the camera moving with the player
ResetFOV Resets Field of View to default
SetCameraDist [Value] Use with FreeCamera to change the distance of the camera from the player (0.0 = really close, 10.0 = far, 25.0 = farther)
SetFOV [degrees] Sets the Field of View to the specified degrees, e.g. SetFOV 90
SetBrightness [Value] Changes the screen brightness
SetContrast [Value] Changes the screen contrast
Togglesoundeffects Turns sound effects (but not music or ambient sounds) On/Off
Shot Takes a screenshot in BMP format and places it in the same folder as User.ini
ShowHUD Enables the on-screen HUD elements
ShowWidescreenBars Turns on the black bars at top and bottom of the screen, like in cutscenes.
ToggleBehindView Switches between 1st person and 3rd person view.
ToggleHUD Toggles the on-screen HUD elements On/Off
ViewSelf Returns the camera to viewing the player after using ViewBot or ViewClass
ViewClass [NameOfClass] Cycles through views of the given class, including enemies or world objects (possible class names: Engine, ShockAI, ShockAI.MeleeThug)
KillAll [NameOfAIClassToKill] Removes every AI of a certain type
KillViewedActor An AI selected with ViewBot is removed from game (Using this while viewing the player character will crash the game.)
Killpawns Kills all enemies on the level
StartSecurityAlarm [60sec] Starts the normal 60 second security alarm
StopSecurityAlarm Stops the security alarm
ToggleshowAIs [On/Off] Toggles the presence of enemy On/Off (actually just shrinks them to the size of the player's finger)
ViewBot Cycles through views of all AIs in the level
God God mode
givebioammo Refill EVE
GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.ADAM 9999 ADAM
ghost No clipping mode
teleport Teleport to pointer
slomo [0.1 to 9.9] Set game speed; "1.0" is default