Borderlands 2 Console Commands

Below you will find all the updated Borderlands 2 console commands in the game. You can edit the DefaultInput.ini file used in the game. Run the game at least once, so that you can make a character in the game, exit and save the game, then exit the game from the main menu. Go to Windows Explorer and browse to the “C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Borderlands 2\WillowGame\Config” folder.

You can find all the arguments together with examples by scrolling each command. Hit the “Table View” or “Card View” buttons according to your choice.

Console Commands
Code Effect
*Camera 3rd Toggles 3rd camera mode
*DeveloperUnlockAnAchievement [titleID] Unlocks achievenment
*DeveloperUnlockAllCustomizations Unlocks all customizations
Unlocks all customizations(skins) *DeveloperSpawnAwesomeItems
*DeveloperSpawnAwesomeItems Spawns several guns&items
Spawns several guns&items DeveloperLoaded
DeveloperLoaded No reload
No reload DeveloperDemigod
DeveloperDemigod God mode
God mode *DeveloperFreeLevels
*DeveloperFreeLevels [numLevels] Increases your character's level
*DeveloperGiveCash [amount] Require money
*DeveloperGiveEridium [amount] *DeveloperGiveEridium
*DeveloperCompleteAllChallengesToLevel [level] Complete all badass challenges
DisplayAll Display property values
DisplayAllState Display state names
DisplayClear Clears previous DisplayAll entries
DisableLowPassFilter Disable low pass filter
DisableEQFilter Disable EQ filter
*Exit Exits the server
Exits the game Exits the game
EditActor Enable edit actor
EditDefault Edit by default
EditObject Edit object
EnableAllScreenMessages Enable messages
EndActionSkill End action skill
*FOV [degrees] Set Field Of View
*FreezeAt Locks the player view
FlushPersistentDebugLines Clears persistent debug line
GetAll Log property values
GetAllState Log state names
GetAll SkillDefinition GetAll (*objects) name
IsolateDryAudio Isolate dry audio
IsolateReverb Isolate reverb
Jump Enable jump
*KillEnemies kill all enemies
ListTextures Lists all loaded textures
ListUncachedStaticLightingInteractions Lists all uncached static lighting
*ListSounds Lists all the loaded sounds
*ListWaves List the WaveInstances
ListSoundClasses Lists a summary of loaded sound
*ListSoundModes Lists loaded sound modes
ListAudioComponents Dumps all AudioComponent
ModifySoundClass Change sound class
*memleakcheck Memory leak check
nextweapon swap to next weapon
Open Opens the specified map
*Obj List show all objects
Obj Refs Show object refs
OpenL Open L
Obj Dump DefaultStartingGrade Start grade by default
Obj Dump Globals Object dump global
*Obj Classes Show all classes
Obj ListContentRefs Object list Refs
PlaySoundCue Lists a summary of loaded sound
PlaySoundWave *playerselectclass GD_Soldier.Character.CharClass_Soldier
swap to lv1 soldier character *playerselectclass GD_Assassin.Character.CharClass_Assassin
swap to lv1 assassin character *playerselectclass GD_Siren.Character.CharClass_Siren
swap to lv1 siren character *playerselectclass GD_Mercenary.Character.CharClass_Mercenary
swap to lv1 gunzerker character *playerselectclass GD_Tulip_Mechromancer.Character.CharClass_Mechromancer
swap to lv1 gaige character *playerselectclass GD_Lilac_PlayerClass.Character.CharClass_LilacPlayerClass
swap to lv1 psycho character
swap to previous weapon Prev weapon
Pause pause the game
ReloadCfg Reload Cfg
ReloadLoc Reload loc
*RestartLevel Restarts the level
*ResetSoundState Resets volumes
Set Sets property
Show BOUNDS Displays bounding boxes
Show BSP Toggles BSP rendering
Show COLLISION Toggles collision rendering
Show COVER Toggles cover rendering
Show DECALS Toggles decal rendering
Show FOG Toggles fog rendering
Show LEVELCOLORATION Toggles per-level coloration
Show PATHS Toggles path rendering
Show POSTPROCESS Toggles post process rendering
Show SKELMESHES Toggles skeletal mesh rendering
Show TERRAIN Toggles terrain rendering
Show VOLUMES Toggles volume rendering
Show SPLINES Toggles spline rendering
*Stat AI Display the amount of AI
*Stat FPS Shows FPS counter
Stat UNIT Shows hardware unit framerate
*Stat LEVELS Displays level streaming info
*Stat GAME Displays game performance stats
*Stat MEMORY Displays memory stats
Stat XBOXMEMORY Displays Xbox memory stats
*Stat PHYSICS Displays physics performance stats
*Stat STREAMING Displays basic texture streaming stats
*Stat STREAMINGDETAILS Displays detailed texture streaming stats
Stat COLLISION Stats collision
Stat PARTICLES Stats particles
Stat SCRIPT Stats script
Stat AUDIO Stats audio
Stat ANIM Stats anim
Stat NET Stats net
Stat LIST List groups of stats
Stat PhysicsGpuMem Displays physics GPU memory stats
Switch teams Crashes the game
ShowDebug NET Show debug net
ShowDebug PHYSICS Show debug physics
ShowDebug AI Show debug AI
ShowDebug CAMERA Show debug camera
ShowDebug ANIMATION Show debug animation
ShowDebug WEAPON Show debug weapon
ShowDebug INPUT Show debug input
*Streammap Stream map
STARTMOVIECAPTURE Start movie capture
STOPMOVIECAPTURE Stop movie capture
suicide kill health bar
StartFire Start fire
StopFire Stop fire
ShowMenu Show menu
ShowLobbyUI Show lobby UI
ShowMap Show map
ShowStatusMenu Inventory Show status menu inventory
ShowStatusMenu Skills Show status menu skills
ShowStatusMenu Challenges Show challenges
ShowStatusMenu Log Show log
ShowQuickSelectWeaponMenu Show weapon menu
StartActionSkill Start action skill