Castle Crashers Cheats List

Console Commands
Code Effect
Alien Hominid Have the full game of Alien Hominid HD on your Xbox 360 HDD and get at least one achievement in it.
Barbarian Beat King's Arena
Bear Beat the game with Skeleton.
Beekeeper Beat the game with The Barbarian
Brute Beat the game with The Eskimo
Civilian Beat the game with Peasant
Conehead Complete the "Volcano Arena".
Fencer Beat the game with Mechanic
Fire Demon Beat Game With Orange Knight
Gray Knight Defeat the Barbarian Boss.
Hatty Hattington Purchase the full version of Battle Block Theater
Iceskimo Complete Icy Arena offline.
Industrialist Beat the game with Blue Knight
Ninja Beat the game with The Red Dragon Knight
Peasant Complete the "Peasant Arena".
Royal Guard Complete the game as Green Knight.
Saracen Beat the game with Royal Guard
Skeleton Complete the game as Red Knight.
Snakey Beat the game with the Thief
Stove Face Beat the Game with Gray Knight
Thief Beat Thieve's Arena
Unmasked Gray Knight The Unmasked Gray Knight is unlocked by purchasing the King Pack DLC.