Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Cheats

Console Commands
Code Effect
000093DD 000A1 Enable Code (Must Be On)
8200055C 0000 Transparent
8201327A 270F Infinite HP
8201327E 270F Maximum HP
8201327C 270F Infinite MP
82013280 270F Maximum MP
82013282 270F Max STR
82013284 270F Max CON
82013286 270F Max INT
82013288 7F00 Max LCK
82013290 423F Max Gold
8201328C E0FF Max Experience
820000AC 0000 Reset Game Timer
D0000020 0010 Sprint X2
720004F4 1006 With this code, you must have the 'Double Jump' ability turned on.
32013261 00F4 With this code, it combines attributes Black Panther, Final Guard, Undine(default) and Skula(hold Down+Jump to Walk underwater.)
7200140C 05DC Weak Final Boss
42013294 0101 Have All Items
420132B4 0101 Have All Equipment
4201331C FFFF Complete Soul Set
82013392 FFFF All Abilities
420133A0 FFFF All Enemy Data
420000B6 FFFF Complete Map
74000130 03B7 With this code, enter Map screen then press Start+Up to access Warp Gates.
32000060 000F With this code, to access Boss Mode you must Save your game with this code on.
74000130 02BD With this code, Press the required button combo when in front of the Mist Door.