CK2 Cheats and Console Commands has assembled a searchable list of all 144 Crusader Kings 2 console commands, and they are also known as CK2 cheats. In the below table, all commands from DLCs are available, and it is updated for the latest version of the game on Steam PC or Mac.

In Crusader Kings 2, you can open the console by pressing the ` grave key on your keyboard. Also, you can send commands just by typing them into the console and hitting ENTER on your keyboard. If you are unable to open the console, you can see the help page.

In search of character IDs, you can type the charinfo command into the console. Character IDs will appear in the tooltips of character after using this command while hovering over their portraits.

You are free to change the display setting of the table by pressing the “Table View” or “Card View” buttons according to your choice. To find instantly, you can type the name of a command into the search box given below.

Console Commands
Code Effect
score [amount] Adds the specified amount of score
prestige [amount] Adds the specified amount of prestige
piety [amount] Adds the specified amount of piety
infamy [amount] Adds the specify amount of infamy
max_tech [province id] Advances tech to max level
kill [character id] Kills the character
religion [character id] [religion id] Changes religion
add_artifact [artifact id] [character id] Adds the artifact
get_all_artifacts [character id] Adds artifact
destroy_artifact [artifact id] [character id] Removes the artifact
add_diplomacy [character id] [amount] Adds diplomacy
add_intrigue [character id] [amount] Adds intrigue
add_learning [character id] [amount] Adds learning
add_martial [character id] [amount] Adds martial
add_stewardship [character id] [amount] Adds stewardship
add_trait [trait id] [character id] Adds trait
remove_trait [trait id] [character id] Removes trait
add_modifier [modifier id] [character id] [duration] Adds modifier
remove_modifier [modifier id] [character id] Removes modifier
age [character id] [years] Changes character's age
banish [character id] Banishes character
capital [province id] Changes the capital
clr_moved_capital [character id] Clears 'moved capital flag'
cash [amount] Adds cash
claim [title id] [character id] Adds a claim
coalition [character id] [character id] Make coalition
council_positions [character id / title id] Shows council position
clr_focus [character id] Clears focus
culture [character id] [culture id] Sets culture
decadence [level] Sets decadence
decision [decision id] [character id] Execute the decision
die Die of natural death
enforce_peace Enables enforce peace
liege_enforce_peace Enables enforce peace in liege
enable_ambition [character id] Allows to cancel ambition
event [event id] [character id / province id] Runs the event
testevent [event id] [character id / province id] Test event
favor_get [character id] Grants a favor
favor_grant [character id] Grants a favor
gfx_culture [character id] [culture id] Sets the ethnicity
give_birth [character id] Forces to give birth
give_title [title id] [character id] Gives the title
imprison [character id] [character id] Jails character
join_society [society id] Join the society
leave_society [society id] Leave the society
move [character id] [character id] Moves character
neg_opinion [character id] [character id] Adds negative opinion
nickname [nickname id] [character id] Gives nickname
play [character id] Resets the chronicle
run [file name] Runs the script/commands
techpoints Adds 1,000 technology points
recalc_succ [character id] Re-calculate succession
secret_religion [character id] [religion id] Sets the secret religion
set_government [government type id] [character id] Changes the government
titleowner [title id] [character id] Print holder of title
validate_government [character id] Validates government
validate_laws [character id] Validates the laws
validate_lieges [title id] Validates the lieges
set_society_grandmaster [character id] Sets the grandmaster
show_all_societies Toggles societies
society_rank_up [amount] Ranks your character up
society_rank_down [amount] Ranks your character down
society_currency [amount] Gives currency for the society
quickbuild Toggles quick build
usurp [title id] [character id] Makes character usurp
yesman Toggles yesman mode
allow_laws Toggles change laws
real_fathers Toggles true fathers
charinfo Toggles display of debug information
debug_mode Toggles debug information
de_jure_counties Switches de jure counties
discover_plots Toggles automatic plot discovery
fow [province id] Toggles fog of war (FOW)
game_speed [speed] Sets the speed
game_paused [true / false] Sets the game's pause state
get_offmap_holder [offmap power id] Prints offmap holder
set_offmap_status [offmap power id] [status id] Sets status of offmap
set_offmap_policy [offmap power id] [policy id] Sets policy of offmap
kill_offmap_ruler [offmap power id] Kills the ruler
kill_offmap_dynasty [offmap power id] Kills the ruler and dynasty
add_offmap_currency [offmap power id] [amount] gives currency
manpower [amount] Adds nomadic manpower
population [amount] Adds nomadic population
marry_anyone Toggles to marry anyone
morehumans [amount] Adds humans
neg_diplo Toggles diplomatic
outbreak [disease id] Starts an outbreak
plots_known Toggles the knowledge
recalc_council Recalculate the positions
set_flag [flag name] Sets specified flag
clr_flag [flag name] Clears specified flag
set_prov_flag [flag name] [province id] Sets province flag
clr_prov_flag [flag name] [province id] Clears province flag
set_char_flag [flag name] [character id] Sets character flag
clr_char_flag [flag name] [character id] Clears character flag
validate_cultural_names Validate cultural title name
spawn_disease [disease id] [province id] Starts outbreak of disease
character_stats Prints statistics
dynasty_stats Prints statistics about dynasties
destroy_settlement [settlement id] Destroys settlement
murder [character id] [character id] Murder character
pollinate [character id] [character id] Impregnate character
cuckoo [character id] [character id] Impregnate character w/father unknown
revolt [province id] Initiates a revolt
succ [succession type id] Changes the succession type
add_lover [character id] [character id] Makes two lovers
add_friend [character id] [character id] Makes two friends
remove_friend [character id] [character id] Makes two characters stop as friends
add_rival [character id] [character id] Two characters become rivals
remove_rival [character id] [character id] Ends the rivalry
flip_mapmodes Toggles flipping map modes
province_religion [province id] [religion id] Changes religion
clear Clears all of the messages
debug_crash Crash your client
debug_dumpevents Prints all events
debug_events Enables event debug
debug_nomen Toggles nomen mode
debug_triggerassert Throw an assert
debug_yesmen Toggles yesmen mode
eventinfo Print the number of event
guibounds Toggles the GUI bounds
fullscreen Toggles full screen mode
hello [character id / title screen id] Opens the character screen
help [command name] Prints a list of all console commands
helplog Prints game.log file
noai Toggles all AI
numcoas Prints coats of arms
observe Enables observer mode
print_player_events Saves a list of player events
print_ai_events Saves all AI events
refresh_portraits Makes portraits refresh
reload [file name] Reloads file
reloadevents Reloads all events
reloadfx [map / postfx / fx file name] Reloads graphics shader
reloadgovernmentflavor Reloads gov flavor
reloadinterface Reloads the game's interface
reloadloc Reloads the game's language
reloadpositions Reloads council position
reloadtexture [texture file name] Reloads texture
spawnactor [actor name] [province id] [animation] [title id] Spawns actor
version Prints to console version
window [open / close] [gui] Opens/closes GUI
wipe_achievements Clear/reset CK2 Steam achievement