Code Effect
score [amount] Adds the specified amount of score
prestige [amount] Adds the specified amount of prestige
piety [amount] Adds the specified amount of piety
infamy [amount] Adds the specify amount of infamy
max_tech [province id] Advances tech to max level
kill [character id] Kills the character
religion [character id] [religion id] Changes religion
add_artifact [artifact id] [character id] Adds the artifact
get_all_artifacts [character id] Adds artifact
destroy_artifact [artifact id] [character id] Removes the artifact
add_diplomacy [character id] [amount] Adds diplomacy
add_intrigue [character id] [amount] Adds intrigue
add_learning [character id] [amount] Adds learning
add_martial [character id] [amount] Adds martial
add_stewardship [character id] [amount] Adds stewardship
add_trait [trait id] [character id] Adds trait
remove_trait [trait id] [character id] Removes trait
add_modifier [modifier id] [character id] [duration] Adds modifier
remove_modifier [modifier id] [character id] Removes modifier
age [character id] [years] Changes character's age
banish [character id] Banishes character
capital [province id] Changes the capital
clr_moved_capital [character id] Clears 'moved capital flag'
cash [amount] Adds cash
claim [title id] [character id] Adds a claim
coalition [character id] [character id] Make coalition
council_positions [character id / title id] Shows council position
clr_focus [character id] Clears focus
culture [character id] [culture id] Sets culture
decadence [level] Sets decadence
decision [decision id] [character id] Execute the decision
die Die of natural death
enforce_peace Enables enforce peace
liege_enforce_peace Enables enforce peace in liege
enable_ambition [character id] Allows to cancel ambition
event [event id] [character id / province id] Runs the event
testevent [event id] [character id / province id] Test event
favor_get [character id] Grants a favor
favor_grant [character id] Grants a favor
gfx_culture [character id] [culture id] Sets the ethnicity
give_birth [character id] Forces to give birth
give_title [title id] [character id] Gives the title
imprison [character id] [character id] Jails character
join_society [society id] Join the society
leave_society [society id] Leave the society
move [character id] [character id] Moves character
neg_opinion [character id] [character id] Adds negative opinion
nickname [nickname id] [character id] Gives nickname
play [character id] Resets the chronicle
run [file name] Runs the script/commands
techpoints Adds 1,000 technology points
recalc_succ [character id] Re-calculate succession
secret_religion [character id] [religion id] Sets the secret religion
set_government [government type id] [character id] Changes the government
titleowner [title id] [character id] Print holder of title
validate_government [character id] Validates government
validate_laws [character id] Validates the laws
validate_lieges [title id] Validates the lieges
set_society_grandmaster [character id] Sets the grandmaster
show_all_societies Toggles societies
society_rank_up [amount] Ranks your character up
society_rank_down [amount] Ranks your character down
society_currency [amount] Gives currency for the society
quickbuild Toggles quick build
usurp [title id] [character id] Makes character usurp
yesman Toggles yesman mode
allow_laws Toggles change laws
real_fathers Toggles true fathers
charinfo Toggles display of debug information
debug_mode Toggles debug information
de_jure_counties Switches de jure counties
discover_plots Toggles automatic plot discovery
fow [province id] Toggles fog of war (FOW)
game_speed [speed] Sets the speed
game_paused [true / false] Sets the game's pause state
get_offmap_holder [offmap power id] Prints offmap holder
set_offmap_status [offmap power id] [status id] Sets status of offmap
set_offmap_policy [offmap power id] [policy id] Sets policy of offmap
kill_offmap_ruler [offmap power id] Kills the ruler
kill_offmap_dynasty [offmap power id] Kills the ruler and dynasty
add_offmap_currency [offmap power id] [amount] gives currency
manpower [amount] Adds nomadic manpower
population [amount] Adds nomadic population
marry_anyone Toggles to marry anyone
morehumans [amount] Adds humans
neg_diplo Toggles diplomatic
outbreak [disease id] Starts an outbreak
plots_known Toggles the knowledge
recalc_council Recalculate the positions
set_flag [flag name] Sets specified flag
clr_flag [flag name] Clears specified flag
set_prov_flag [flag name] [province id] Sets province flag
clr_prov_flag [flag name] [province id] Clears province flag
set_char_flag [flag name] [character id] Sets character flag
clr_char_flag [flag name] [character id] Clears character flag
validate_cultural_names Validate cultural title name
spawn_disease [disease id] [province id] Starts outbreak of disease
character_stats Prints statistics
dynasty_stats Prints statistics about dynasties
destroy_settlement [settlement id] Destroys settlement
murder [character id] [character id] Murder character
pollinate [character id] [character id] Impregnate character
cuckoo [character id] [character id] Impregnate character w/father unknown
revolt [province id] Initiates a revolt
succ [succession type id] Changes the succession type
add_lover [character id] [character id] Makes two lovers
add_friend [character id] [character id] Makes two friends
remove_friend [character id] [character id] Makes two characters stop as friends
add_rival [character id] [character id] Two characters become rivals
remove_rival [character id] [character id] Ends the rivalry
flip_mapmodes Toggles flipping map modes
province_religion [province id] [religion id] Changes religion
clear Clears all of the messages
debug_crash Crash your client
debug_dumpevents Prints all events
debug_events Enables event debug
debug_nomen Toggles nomen mode
debug_triggerassert Throw an assert
debug_yesmen Toggles yesmen mode
eventinfo Print the number of event
guibounds Toggles the GUI bounds
fullscreen Toggles full screen mode
hello [character id / title screen id] Opens the character screen
help [command name] Prints a list of all console commands
helplog Prints game.log file
noai Toggles all AI
numcoas Prints coats of arms
observe Enables observer mode
print_player_events Saves a list of player events
print_ai_events Saves all AI events
refresh_portraits Makes portraits refresh
reload [file name] Reloads file
reloadevents Reloads all events
reloadfx [map / postfx / fx file name] Reloads graphics shader
reloadgovernmentflavor Reloads gov flavor
reloadinterface Reloads the game's interface
reloadloc Reloads the game's language
reloadpositions Reloads council position
reloadtexture [texture file name] Reloads texture
spawnactor [actor name] [province id] [animation] [title id] Spawns actor
version Prints to console version
window [open / close] [gui] Opens/closes GUI
wipe_achievements Clear/reset CK2 Steam achievement