Car Mechanic Simulator Cheats List

Below you will find all the updated list of Car Mechanic Simulator console commands that are also known as cheats. At the start menu, you need to click New Game and add the codes under nickname given below in the table. 

Console Commands
Code Effect
cms2018 [promo] Cash max, full experience, no tutorial, unlock skills
cms2018 [stage2] Level 14, 19,000$
cms2018 [stage3] Level 20, $154,000
cms2018 [stage1] Level 6, 8,000$
moneybigtimeplease Gain $200
imtoolazytogrindxp Gain 50 EXP
flyhigh Enable Noclip Mode
money [please] Extra money 20 cash
money [money] Gives you 1000$