Call of Duty: World at War Console Commamds and Cheat Codes has made a complete list of all the CoD WaW console commands. You need to enable the console commands option before you can enter any cheat. You all possible have to understand how to do it, however make it sure.

Go to the options in to the main menu and go into game options to ensure “Developer Console” is set to yes. While playing the game, press pause and then press tilde ~ key that is located below the Esc key.

Console Commands
Code Effect
give all All weapons
sf_use_bw [1] Black and White movie mode
devmap [map name] Change maps
notarget [AI] Disable AI
god God mode
sf_use_ignoreammo [1] Infinite ammo
ufo Like noclip, push Q and E to move up and down
mapname List maps
noclip No clipping mode
sf_use_invert [1] Photo negative mode
sf_use_chaplin [1] Silent movie mode
devmap pby_fly [Level] Play the mission Black Cats (VEHICLE LEVEL)
devmap [oki2] Play the mission Blowtorch & Corkscrew
devmap [oki3] Play the mission Breaking Point (FINAL USA LVL)
devmap pel1a Play the mission Burn Em' Out
devmap pel2 [Landing] Play the mission Hard Landing
Devmap pel1 [Resistance] Play the mission Little Resistance
devmap pel1b [Relentless] Play the mission Relentless
Devmap mak [Semper Fi] Play the mission Semper Fi
Devmap see2 [Iron Vehicle] Play the mission Blood and Iron (VEHICLE LEVEL)
Devmap ber3b [Downfall] Play the mission Downfall (FINAL USSR LVL)
Devmap ber2 [Eviction] Play the mission Eviction
Devmap ber3a [Reich] Play the mission Heart of the Reich
Devmap ber1 [Steel] Play the mission Ring of Steel
Devmap see1 [Land,Blood] Play the mission Their Land, Their Blood
Devmap sniper [Vendetta] Play the mission Vendetta
Devmap nazi_zombie_prototype [Nazi Zombie] Play the Nazi Zombie game extension