Colony Survival Console Commands & Cheats List

Console Commands
Code Effect
/time add [#] adds # hours to your ingame day
/wihitelist add [Steam ID] adds players to whitelist
/whitelist remove [Steam ID] removes players from whitelist
/blacklist add [Steam ID] adds players to blacklist
/blacklist remove [Steam ID] removes players from blacklist
/setgroup [group] [Player name] (e.g. "send /setgroup king Dallarius" adds Dallarius to group king)
king [stats] (loot, fly, teleport, change time)
emperor [king] can whitelist and blacklist players and promote to king
godemperor can promote to emperor
god [permissions] has all permissions
/loot [item] [#] loots the amount in your stroage (e.g. /loot bread 100)
/setflight [true] active/deactivate flymode pressing F
/time add [#] adds # of hours to a day (e.g. /time add 12 skips a half day)
/teleport banner teleports you to your banner (or starting point if no banner is placed)
/ teleport [x y z] teleports you to these coordinates (e.g. /teleport 7600 65 3900)