Crackdown 3 Cheats List

First, you need to open the Cheat Engine and target the Crackdown3.exe process. Now, open the table and enable the UE4 Goodies script. Next, go back to the game and press Numpad DEL/. Or you can do it manually set the value of bkeyPressed to 1; it will reset automatically to 0, which means that the console creation code has run.

Now, press tilde ~ key and start typing.  It depends on your keyboard, as on some non-Qwerty keyboards, the ` key is placed under the ESC key.

Console Commands
Code Effect
Marshall [Rooftop] It is found on a rooftop in the southwest corner.
Anderson [Station] It is found east of the Exchange Station, on the eastern shore.
Nikias [Shore] It is found on the tall southwestern edge of the huge base facing the ocean.
Varma [Greenhouse] It is found under a greenhouse dome along the shore.
Hicks [Bootleg Bargains] It is found on the eastern side, next to the "Bootleg Bargains" store.
Lazar [Dirt Mound] It is found at the top of the dirt mound in the center of the zone.
Petrov [Giant Statue] It is found inside the giant statue on the tall pavilion.
Schmidt [Shoreline] It is found on one of the glowing red structures near the shoreline.
Baresi [Race Track] It is found on the large overhang above the race track bleachers.
Cuan [Toxic Island] It is found on the toxic island in the middle of the small lake bordering the race track.
Mensah [Bordering] It is found on the tallest building. Climb to the top of it, then look for a smaller structure you can drop down to from above that is not possible to scale.
Walker [Supply Point] Spawn at the Supply Point and look on the shore, past the bridge.
Gadise [West Zone] It is found on a tall building on the west side of the zone. Climb to the top of the tall Media Center building, then jump to the smaller rooftop from above.
God Mode [Damage] Renders your agent immune to all forms of damage. Any vehicle you enter will also share this trait.
Unlimited Ammunition [Reload] Renders all weapons with unlimited ammo but you do have to reload.
Public Enemy [Wrath] Enemies deploy their full wrath against you endlessly.
Diplomatic Immunity [Retaliate] Enemies will not retaliate, no matter what you do.
Spawning [Summon Vehicle] Summon vehicles, allies, enemies, and more to where you are.
Radio [Music] Change the game music
Freeze Time [Current Game] Stop current game time.
Enemies Active [Toggle] Toggles whether enemies can spawn naturally.
Empty Streets [Abandoned] The city becomes abandoned.