Dota 2 Cheat Codes and Console Commands

Below you will find all the updated list of Dota 2 console commands as the following codes can get enabled in private lobbies with the “Enable cheats” option turned on. When you are playing the game, press the ENTER button to display the chat window. Type one of the following codes to enable the equivalent cheats function.

Console Commands
Code Effect
-allvision or -normalvision Toggles fog of war. Allvision enables player to see both factions, while normalvision allows players to see their team.
-createhero [name] or -createhero [name] enemy Creates a hero in game as friend or enemy depending on which code is used.
-disablecreepspawn or -enablecreepspawn Disables or enables creep spawning.
-dumpbots Displays the status of all heroes and bots in the current game.
-givebots [name] Gives bots a specified item.
-gold [amount] Player receives X number of gold to use in shop.
-item [name] Gives player the named item.
-killcreeps Kills all creeps currently on the map.
killwards Destroys all wards.
-levelbots [X] Bots gain X number of levels.
-lvlup [X] Your hero advances X levels.
-refresh Gives player full health and mana, and resets all abilities.
-respawn Respawns player at fountain immediately if killed.
-spawncreeps Spawns new creeps immediately.
-spawnneutrals Spawns a neutral camp immediately.
-spawnrune Randomly spawns a rune at one of the two rune locations.
-startgame Sets the countdown game start timer to 0:00 and starts creeps spawning.
-wtf or -unwtf Toggles on or off abilities having zero mana cost and no cooldown.