Dragon Age Inquisition Cheats And Console Commands

Below you can find an updated list of Dragon Age Inquisition console commands that are also known as cheats. You have to enable the console first, to enter any cheat or command. The console window allows you to enter cheats and commands as it is an exclusive debugging window. In the game, Dragon Age Inquisition, the console window gets enabled already. All you need to do is press the tilde key ~ to open the console. Once the console is opened, now you can enter the desired cheat one by one. Press the ENTER button to enable the cheat or command.

Console Commands
Code Effect
runscriptchargen [mage] Turn into a level 2 mage
runscriptchargen [warrior] Turn into a level 2 warrior
runscriptchargen [mage] Turn into a level 2 rogue
runscriptaddxp [x] Add XP
runscriptaddmoney [xx] Add money
runscriptzz_supercrit [player] Allow players 50 Strength
runscriptkillallhostiles Eliminates all enemies
runscriptbowlingforferelden Kill enemies
runscript injury remparty Get rid of injuries
runscripthealplayer Heal the player
runscriptpc_immortal God Mode
Xrunscriptdbg_setattrib [x y] 1-minute attribute
help Graphics options