Code Effect
Fortune [cnsumeables] Increases power of consumables/Lurchers may come out of slain enemies.
Fortifier [health] More health/more physical and arcade damage. You can find it in in the West End.
Leviathan [regenerates] Health regenerates passively/Lurchers may come out of environmental objects you break.
Shade [arcane] Reduce Arcane Damage/Increase Arcane Damage dealt.
Marauder [drop chance] Higher item drop chance/higher Health Lurchers spawn chance.
Obscurus [iframe] Higher evade i-frame window/more Havoc is generated.
Chaos [longer] Havoc form lasts longer/damage taken can heal you
Rage [lurchers] Wrath Lurchers from defeated enemy net more Wrath/higher weapon spawning Wrath. Buy from Vulgrim.