Darkest Dungeon Cheat Codes List

TheCommands.co has assembled a searchable list of all the Darkest Dungeon console commands. Into the console page, you need to type the console commands on Steam and non-Steam editions of the game.

Into the console page, you can activate the commands by pressing the tilde ~ key given under the Esc key. It depends on the kind of keyboard you are using.

Consloe Commands
Code Effect
ævba Abomination
ô_ba Arbalest
|Oba Bounty Hunter
gFba Crusader
ôba Grave Robber
ž»ba Hellion
Û­|ba Highwayman
<ôba Hound Master
½‚ba Jester
µ3ba Leper
|^ Man-at-Arms
êÕba Occultist
Ýba Plague Doctor
Û­ba Vestal
Unlock Backer Heroes [Hamlet] In the Hamlet, select the Stagecoach and press enter, from here you can enter the names of backe heroes to summon free of charge.
Unlock backer trinkets [Trinklet Menu] Open your trinket menu, press Enter, then type the name of the trinket you wish to summon.
New Game + [Complete Quests] Complete all of the Darkest Dungeon quests and defeat the final boss. New game plus features locked 'strict' options and harder monsters. It also requires you to complete the Darkest Dungeon quests in under 91 weeks, with less than 13 hero deaths.