Dead State Cheats and Console Commands List

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Console Commands
Code Effect
addPerk [trait], [ID] Adds trait to a character.
removePerk [Trait], [ID] Removes trait from a character.
changeMood [#] , [D] Adds/removes mood points. positive or negative values can be used for #
shelterSetAllyStatus [ID] Last number is hours. Haven't tested on sick.
setPermanentStatus [Char ID], [Status ID], [0/1] Edit: Used to activate/remove "permanent" effects.
killCharacter [ID] Kills character.
deleteCharacter [ID] used with killCharacter or removeCharFromShelter
removeCharFromShelter [ID] removes shelter
shelterChangeResource [Adds] [Removes] Positive or negative values allowed
addCharToShelter [ID] Do as it says, adding a character to PC's shelter.
removeItem [ID] , [#] Used in context of quest items, haven't tested with regular inventory items.
addItem [ID], [#] Adds item with given amount.
revealMapLocation [Map Name] Reveals location on map. I'm not sure if these have to be revealed by in game events or if they can be found without.
shelterAddCharToParty [ID] Add character to party, only works in shelter.
addSkillPoints [#] Adds skill points (works anywhere and also adds 1 stat point, same as regular level ups, for each 20 points added)