Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Cheats List

Below you will find a list of all the updated Deus Ex Mankind Divided cheats. Plenty of nice items in stores are generally placed in locked rooms. You can steal them easily by having one huge object and the ability to hack the door.

Console Commands
Code Effect
Dubai [4801] In a storage area on the Dubai rooftop (Level 2)
Dubai [682] Atrium door keycode in Dubai Penthouse 1B
Zelen Poor Apartment 22 [310] Door keycode to Poor Apartment 22
Zelen Poor Apartment 23 [9002] Safe code inside Apartment 23 (on the first floor, to the north and across from the vendor). You can get inside through a window from the ground floor. The safe is hidden behind the refrigerator; the augmentation to move heavy objects is required to reach it. Neuropozyne, revolver, and Biocell are inside.
Zelen Poor Apartment 23 [krodine] Teresa Petrauska's computer password (name of the actress on the movie poster behind the computer)
Zelen Poor Apartment 31 [starlight] Daria Myska's computer password
Zelen Poor Apartment 41 [thevoidwhichbinds] Josef Severn's computer password
Capek Fountain Station [3998] Ticket Booth Door keycode
Konicky & Hracky Toys Factory [1980] Security Hub
Konicky & Hracky Toy Factory [2489] Safe code inside the mini storage near Adam's apartment and Konycky & Hracky building
Konicky & Hracky Toy Factory [1998] Locker code on the right
Svobody Beer Pub [1015] In a building south of Adam's apartment complex is a pub called Svobody Beer. The owner will request some Neuropozyne. If you give it to her, she will start selling medical supplies for 250 credits and give you the code to her basement door.
Tourist Information Center [1591] Tourist Information Center
Palisade Sewer Level 3 [1363] On the third level of Palisade Sewer
Palisade Sewer Level 4 [4863] Otar Botkoveli's casino safe code
Palisade Sewer Level 4 [otarminator] Otar Botkoveli's computer password in Casino, Security Hub
DaiTaga [5622] Basement keycode at DaiTaga
Tech Noir [2469] Storage keycode in Tech Noir
North Prague [3608] Vadim Orlov's safe code
Near TaskForce 29 [6354] Storage locker keycode near TaskForce 29 Headquarters
TaskForce 29 [2023] Safe code next to a computer on a desk in a small room in TaskForce 29 building near the shooting range
TaskForce 29 [5545] Door keycode to the IT Support area on the first floor of TaskForce 29
TaskForce 29 [Clod04sfd8s] Computer password in Server room in TaskForce 29
TaskForce 29 [FrakkingUpTheA] Ethan's computer password in TaskForce 29
TaskForce 29 [7913] Vincent Black's safe code in TaskForce 29
TaskForce 29 [tuscany2023] Aria Argento's computer password in room next to the shooting range in TaskForce 29
TaskForce 29 [neuropozyne] Dr. Jennifer Phillips' computer password in TaskForce 29 Infirmary
TaskForce 29 [4822] TaskForce 29 Infirmary storage room safe code (contains Neuropozyne and Triangle code)
TaskForce 29 [Aphasia5689] Peter Chang's computer password in TaskForce 29 Level 2
TaskForce 29 [Origami1970] Vincent Black's computer password in his office on Level 2 in TaskForce 29 Organized Crime room (password is case-sensitive)
TaskForce 29 [Sharp007] Duncan Macready's computer password in his office on Level 2 in TaskForce 29 Counter-Terrorism Unit (password is case-sensitive)
Ruzicka Station [808] Maintenance room door keycode. It is the first door to the right as you climb the stairs towards the police infested restricted area.
Ruzicka Station [8066] Ruzicka Security room door keycode
Ruzicka Station [DELLAROCCA] Security computer's password
Ruzicka Station [ANTARES] Ticket Booth computer terminal password
Golem City – The Utulek Complex [9990] Dr. Martine Onzime's safe code (apartment is on Level 4 of the complex in the southwest corner)
Golem City – The Utulek Complex [2223] Police Barracks North on Level 3
Golem City – The Utulek Complex [6123] Medical lockup on Level 3 (behind the police barracks)
Golem City – The Utulek Complex [2046] Locked area
Golem City – The Throat [3354] Code for laser deactivation terminal
Golem City – The Utulek Complex [2046] Locked area
Golem City – ARC Living Quarters [3468] Security gate code
Golem City – ARC Living Quarters [Vm451] Code for computer in room 350420 in ARC Restricted Area
Golem City – ARC Operations [2544] Code for far left Mini-Storage in ARC Restricted Area (northwest on Level 2 –- close to elevator that takes you to Talos)
Pilgrim Station [9143] Server Room keycode inside Employee Only area of Pilgrim Station
SAMITHEDOG During Mission 10, you will meet with Janus in the abandoned information center in the Central Plaza. You will get the password for the computer from Agent Kraft, the guard in front of the building.
Time Machine [1984] Door keycode for the Koller's storage behind his shop
Samizdat's Office [5431] Door keycode to Samizdat's office in the sewers
Cybercrimes Office [7734] Selina Carter's laptop code
owningthedevil Nicholas Cipra's computer password
Palisade Bank [9593] Executive services room keycode
Palisade Bank [1305] Executive Vault Room A08 keycode
Palisade Bank [863] Account Management Level 8 keycode
Palisade Bank [2357] Executive A09 safe code on Level 7
Palisade Bank [831] Keycode for door to Account Manager Office on Level 8 (restricted area)
Palisade Bank [1114] Safe code in the secret room in Vault A
clemenza Computer password on the third floor in the Security Room
Palisade Bank [1110] Safe code in Vault B
Palisade Bank [aklvd6681] Computer password on Level 7 Security Room
Palisade Bank [6477] A button under the desk in the Executive Services Room reveals a safe
Palisade Bank [6745] Maintenance Room keycode in Garage Level 3, to the right of the main entrance
Palisade Bank [1969] Door keycode to IT Services on Level 9
Palisade Bank [6641] Safe code in Room B, Row 01
Palisade Bank [211] Keycode to the CEO's office
Palisade Bank [1996] VIP Vault in Room B, Row 06.
Palisade Bank [310] Safe code to VIP safe of Prybil family
Palisade Bank [1363] John Miller's safe code
Palisade Bank [666] Keycode for room on third level
Tubehouse [310] Keycode to door in Tubehouse Electronics Store
Palisade Station [2565] Code for Mini-Storage
Kopecky's Puppet Shop [4465] Keycode for locked workshop in Kopecky's Puppet Shop
LIMB Clinic [4464] Keycode to open the door to LIMB Clinic during the "Taking Care Of Business" mission
Helipad building near Limb Clinic [4465] Keycode for the front door when told to meet Miller at a helipad during the "Taking Care Of Business" mission
London Apex Center, Floor 2 [2202] Keycode for the VIP room in London Apex Centre during the "Secure The Convention Centre" and "Protecting The Future" missions
Allison Complex [11] Keycode for door that goes up to the fourth floor of Allison Complex
London Apex Centre [5395] For the security override switch in Liam Slater's office (CSO's main office). You will use it during the "Secure The Convention Centre" mission
Prague Side Mission [311] Keycode for locked gate in "Neon Nights" side mission in Dvali base in the sewers near Capek Station
Registration Building near Monument Station [6788] Keycode for back room in the "Golden Ticket" side mission during the objective that leads to the Registration Building
Near Palisade Station [2565] During the "Fade To Black" side mission, Dobromila will give you a map to the storage locker in exchange for the Train Ticket you found in Black's office. The Vlasta's storage locker is west of Palisade Station.
Modern apartment [6864] Apartment 201 door keycode
Modern apartment [4227] Right storage locker on the ground floor
Modern apartment [2913] Left storage locker on the ground floor
Safehouse near Red Queen [666] During the "All In The Family" side mission, there is an objective that sends you to the safehouse. The locked door is on the third floor.
Jensen's Stories [1029] Tarvo's offices on Floor 2 during the "Investigating The Bombing" mission
Jensen's Stories [1703] Tarvo's offices on Floor 2 during the "Investigating The Bombing" mission
Jensen's Stories [4826] Tarvo's offices on Floor 4 during the "Investigating The Bombing" mission
Side Mission [2] "Cult Of Personality": Must play this mission during first or second visit to Prague.
Main Mission [7] Win the debate with Talos Rucker.
Main Mission [10] After Mission 10, you must decide whether to play a bank heist or help Allison. You have to play the bank heist (Mission 12) and skip helping Allison (skip Mission 11 completely). This is the only way to get the eBook in the bank vault. Allison's church complex will be open after completing the bank heist in Mission 12.
Side Mission [10] "The Harvester": Must exonerate both suspects (Gunn and Radko) and complete all optional objectives. Complete this before main Mission 13.
Side Mission [11] "The Last Harvest": Triggers during main Mission 14 -- two eBooks only appear while this mission is active.