Code Effect
A Mighty Wind [Kill Gladiator] Kill a gladiator with a thrown weapon.
Beast Master [Kill 10 Lions] Kill 10 Lions in Combat.
Beast Mode [Kill 5 Gladiator] Kill 5 gladiators with a lion.
Bloodletting [III] [25,000] Spill 25000 Units of Blood.
Bloodletting [II] [15,000] Spill 15000 Units of Blood.
Bloodletting [I] [5,000] Spill 5000 Units of Blood.
Butcher Prime 1st Decapitation.
Butcher of Rome [50 Heads] Dismember/decapitate 50 limbs/heads.
Butcher [1st] 1st Dismemberment.
Cash is King [Sell] Sell 25 men.
Champion of Rome [Defeat 24 ] Defeat 24 Regional Champions.
Clash of the Titans Defeat a Behemoth Regional Champion with your own Behemoth.
Dominator Finish the game with final victory.
First Blood [3 Battles] Draw first blood in 3 battles.
Fish in a Barrel [Kill a Man] Kill a man who is chained to the ground.
Gimme Shelter Drive a Behemoth Regional Champion to Surrender.
Grace for Thrace [Set 25 Men] Set 25 men free.
Gravitas [Death] Throw a gladiator to his death.
Juggernaut [Kill 9 Gladiators] Kill 9 gladiators in a single battle with only one man.
King of the Jungle Obtain a Lion to Fight in the Arena.
Lord of the Underworld [25 Victories] Achieve 25 Victories in the Pit.
Master of Champions [1,000 Victories] Achieve 1000 Victories in the Arena.
Master of Men [100 Victories] Achieve 100 Victories in the Arena.
Murmillo Champion [3 Different Men] Fully upgrade all Murmillo equipment on 3 different men.
Neptunes Beard Kill a gladiator trapped in a net.
Oh Learned One Unlock All Doctore Special Training in a Single Playthrough.
Regional Champion [12 Reginal Champs] Defeat 12 Regional Champions.
Regional Hero [3 Regional Champs] Defeat 3 Regional Champions.
Reign of Terror [25 Death] Put to death 25 men.
Retiarius Champion [3 Different] Fully upgrade all equipment for a Retiarius on 3 different men.
Stayin' Alive [Surrender] Surrender 25 times.
Thraex Champion Fully upgrade all Thraex equipment on 3 different men.
Unchained Victory Achieve victory after breaking free from chains.
Wood is Good [Kill Gladiator] Kill a gladiator with a wooden weapon.