Code Effect
idfa [Weapons] All Weapons/Ammo
idkfa [Keys] All Weapons/Ammo/Keys
IDBEHOLDS [Pack] Beserk Pack
idclev31 [Bonus] Bonus Level
IDMUSxx [xx being a number] Choose Game BGM
IDBEHOLDA [Map] Computer Area Map
IDDT [Map] Entire Map
iddqd [Mode] God Mode
IDBEHOLDI Invisibility
IDBEHOLDV Invulnerability
IDCLEV xx [Where xx is the level number, like 05] Level Warp
IDBEHOLDL [Goggles] Light Amp Goggles
idclip [Clipping] No Clipping Mode
IDBEHOLDR [Suit] Radiation Suit
idchoppers [Chainsaw] Replace fists with Chainsaw
idmypos [Code] Show Position in Code
idclev32 [3D Level] Wolfenstein 3D Level