Duke Nukem 3d Cheats Code List

Console Commands
Code Effect
dnitems [all items] Adds all items, all keys, and max body armor
dninventory [armor] Adds all items, max body armor
dnstuff [inventory] Adds all items, weapons, keys, ammo, and gives max armor
dnkeys [keys] Adds all keys to inventory (Red, Yellow and Blue)
dnweapons [wepons] Adds all weapons and gives maximum ammo
dnhyper [night vision] Adds Night Vision Goggles and Steroids to Inventory, uses Steroids
dnskillX [skill 1-4] Change to skilll level X (1-4), restarts level
dnview [3rd person] Changes to 3rd-Person View
dncoords [info] Displays current coordinates, viewing position, and other information
dndebug [debug] Displays debug information (upper left corner)
dntodd [cosmo] Show "REGISTER COSMO" message
dnallen [stryker] Shows "BUY MAJOR STRYKER" message
dnbeta [pirates] Shows "PIRATES SUCK!" message
dncosmo [cosmo] Shows "REGISTER COSMO" message (Version 1.3d and prior only)
dnshowmap [show map] Shows entire map of level (press the map key)
dnrate [frame] shows the framerate
dncashman [open key] Throw some money when the "open" key is pressed.
dnmonsters [on/off] Toggle monsters on / off
dnclip [clipping] Toggles clipping (walk through walls)
dncornholio [God mode] Toggles God Mode (Invincibility), Gives Jetpack (unlimited while cheat is on)
dnkroz [invincibility] Toggles God Mode (Invincibility), Gives Jetpack (unlimited while cheat is on)
dnunlock [forcefields] Triggers all the doors, forcefields etc. in the level to be unlocked / locked (only works in the registered version)
dnscottyXYY [YY 1-4] Warp to Episode X (1-4) Level YY