Code Effect
nbshooters all guns
nbkeys all keys
nbkfa full health, ammo, keys, and weapons
nbullets infinite ammo
nbdeity infinite health
nbff doubles fire speed (this will stack!)
nbdeathless gives full health and armor
nbfrog increases jump height by .1 each time it's typed
nbreflect mirror mode (cannot be toggled off)
nbman resets jump height to normal
nbregularfingers sets fire speed back to normal
nbwoohoo toggles a janky slow motion mode (careful, this can break the game when you switch levels!)
nbufo toggles ability to jet up into the air by holding space bar
nbspoder toggles climbing powerup for 300 seconds
nbgotta toggles double movement speed (also affects some vertical motions such as jump pads)
nbponcho toggles lava suit for 300 seconds
nbhot toggles superhot mode for 300 seconds