Code Effect
A+X, B, A, B, X, X, X, X Ammo refill
A+Left, B, X, A, A, B, X, A Debug menu
Y + X, B, Y, B, X, B, X, X Extra continue
B+X, B, B, B, A, A, X, A Extra life (infinite use)
B, B, A, X+Y, B, A, A, A Extra life (once per stage)
A+X, B, A, B, X, X, X, X Infinite energy refills
Select, B, X, A, A, X, B and Select Level Skip
A,B,X,A,A+X,B+X,B+X,X+A Level Skip (Alt.)
A, X, A, X, A, A, A, A Map View Mode
Y,A,B,B,A,Y,A,B Nick Jones Code
A, B, A, B, X, Y, X, Y One time only extra continue
A, B, X, Y, Y, X, B, A One-time (per stage) energy refill
A+X,B,B,A,A,X,B,L+R Plasma Power Up (Infinite Times)
A,A, B+L,A,A,X,B+L,X Plasma Power Up (Once per stage)
Left+A, B, X, Y, A, B, X, Y Cheats Menu
A+X, X, X, A, A, X, X, A+B 9 Mega Plasma Shot
A+X, B, A, B, Y, Y, X, X 999 Plasma Shot
Y, A, B, A, Y, A, B, B Disguised Jim
Y+Left, X, X, B+X, X, Y, X, Y Ending
X+Y, B, Y, B, X, B, Y, Y Extra Continue
X+Y, Y, Y, Y, A, A, X, A Extra Life
Y, A, B, B, A, Y, A, B Nick Jones Message (Restarts Game)
A+B, Y, A, Y, Y, X+B, Y, A Recover full health (health doesn't reflect this until you're hit again)
A, B, X, Y, X+Y, B+X, B+X, X+Y Stage Clear
A, X, A, X, Y, Y, X, X Teleport (move the screen with cursor and press A to teleport Jim to your location)
L+A,A,R+A,A,B,B,X,B Andy Asteroids
A,X,Left,Left,X+Y,Up,Down,Left Buttville
Up, Down, Left+Down, Left, Down, Down, Up+Left, Down Down The Tubes
A,B,X,A,B,X,A,B+R For Pete's Sake
A+B, B+X, X+Y, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right Level 5
A+Left, X,X,X+B,X,A,XA+Left Princess
A,B,X,B,A,B,B,B+L Snot A Problem
Y,X,Y,X,A,B,A,X What the Heck
A,B,Up+Y,Up+Y,Left,Right,Left,Right Who Turned out the Light?