ELEX Cheats List

TheCommands.co has made a searchable list of all the ELEX console commands. You can activate the commands by pressing the tilde ~ key under the Esc key.

Consloe Commands
Code Effect
Infinite Health With this command you can get unlimited health
Neutral Cold This command manages the unlimited gold
Infinite Stamina This command gives unlimited strength
Infinite JetPack Gives jetpack for teleporting places
Infinite Elexit With this you can get ulimitd resourcesp
Fast Kill This shows all type kills in game and lobby
Infinite Items On Use Provides maximum ites with character
Set Strength with this you can set strength
Set Constitution this gives you the best playable idea
Set Dexterity This Command gives you the skill in all
Set Intelligence you become most valueable when you are faster then others
Set Cunning with this command you become clever
Set Learning Points this command sets initial points for you
Set Attribute Points all charac
Set Level You can set level by enabling this command.
Add Level You can add level by enabling this command.
Add Learning Points You can add learning points by enabling this command.
Add Attribute Points You can add attribute points by enabling this command.
Add XP You can add XP with this command in your game.
Super Health You can have Super health when you activate this command.
Super Mana With this command, you can have super mana.
Super Stamina This command allows you to have super stamina.
Max All Training With this command, you can maximize all training easily.
Infinite Jetpack To get an infinite jetpack, you need to enable this command.
Easy Kills With this command, you can kill easily.
Elexit Credits To exit credits, you need to Activate this command.
Unlimited Quickslot Use Items With this command, you can have unlimited quickslot.
Easy Craft You can craft easily by enabling this command