Code Effect
ag [on/off] Toggles AG display on/off (AntiGrief)
ai [on/off] Switches AI on/off
aimanager [spawn] Allow to spawn various AI managed by the AIManager
alliances [set] Lists alliances or alliance requests and allows to set alliances
armor [moderator] Armor
ban [Remove] Ban a player for an amount of time [Moderator]
changemode [Survival] Changes a local survival game into creative and vice versa. You need to restart the game after the switch! Does not work for Multiplayer!
combiner [on/off] Switches mesh combiner on/off
debugmenu [enable/disable] Enables/disables the debug menu [Moderator]
deco [on/off] Enables to switch on and off the decorations of the terrain and gets some stats
defragsavegame [save] Defrags a save game
destroy [structure] Destroys an entity of a structure [Moderator]
destroyme [killng self] Destroys the local player (Debug command for killing self)
detach [local player] Detaches the local player if he has the 'stuck under cockpit' problem (debug command)
di [show/hide] Show/hide additional debug information
difficulties Shows the current difficulty setting for the game
entity Allows to do several operations on an entity
ents [entities] List all entities
exec Executes an executable. Needs documentation
faction Faction change helper functions [GameMaster]
find Finds a structure by name within the current playfield and prints its id [GameMaster]
finishbp or fbp Finish the current blueprint production [GameMaster] (Clears remaining construction time)
gameoptions or gopt Lists all the current game option values
generatemap [2dmap] Generates a 2D map image of the current world.
gents [faction] List all structures for a faction [Moderator]
give [stuff] Give stuff to player [Moderator]
globaleffects [shows] Shows current global effectsUnsure about what exactly it does..
godmode or gm Enables/disables 'god mode' [GameMaster]
Grass [refresh] Refresh grass commands
help [list] List all console commands and show specific help
initadmin [administrator] Sets myself as the initial administrator
itemmenu or im Enables/disables the item (creative) menu [GameMaster]
kick [player] Kick player (or all players) out of game [GameMaster]
level [modify] Modify the Level, Experience Points or Upgrade Points for the current player [GameMaster]
list [players] Lists special players (i.e. with special permissions or banned players) [GameMaster]
loadplayfield or lpf Loads a Playfield
map Uncovers all resources and POIs on the map. Use 'map hide' for hiding them again. [GameMaster]
marker Marker [Moderator]
mergestructs Merges two structurers into one
op [on/off] Switches offline protection on a structure locally on/off
origins List origins
oxygen [POI] Show oxygenated areas in POI
pda Execute PDA related commands (use 'help pda' to see details)
playfield or pf Reload the current playfield [Admin]
poimanager POI Manager [Moderator]
prefabactivate [name] prefabinfo - switches all powered blocks on
prefabinfo [name] prefabinfo - shows infos about a user Blueprint (specify a name as listed in your Blueprint Library)
regenerate [ID] regenerate - Regenerates object such as restoring a POI
repair Repair items [Moderator]
replaceblocks Replaces the specified blocks in the specified structure. For replacing all blocks, execute cmd as follows: replaceblocks -alpha4. DO NOT EXECUTE THIS COMMAND ON A SERVER!
resetcore ???
sector jumps to a specific sector [GAmeMaster]
sectors [Show] Reveal/hide playfields [Moderator]
setdevicespublic Sets the specified devices to public
setposition [entity] Sets the position of an entity [GameMaster]
setrole [player] Sets the role for a player (give special permissions) [Admin]
setrotation [structure] Sets the rotation of a structure [GameMaster]
si [on/off] Switches Structural Integrity on or off
spawnanyblueprint or sbp [on/off] Switches spawning of any blueprint to on/off. Abbreviation: sbp
stats Prints status information about the current playfield
statuseffect Applies a Status Effect to the player
statuseffectremove Removes a Status Effect from the player
structlod Lists all structures on current playfield (maybe loaded over all playfields?), with distance from player, and name.
teleport or tt Teleports you (and the ship you currently control - if any) to a given location or enables teleportation on map [GameMaster]
terraineditor or te Opens Terrain Editor for SplatMap Terrain
ticks Outputs current ticks and allows to enable, disable and set them
time [server] Get / set the global server time [server only]
traders Lists all traders and allows to reload the config file
unban Unban a player [GameMaster]
undock [sv/hv] Undocks a specified SV or HV. Can be used if problems happen with the undock
uresource Manage underground ressources
weather Activates a custom weather setting
weathersv Activates a custom weather setting on a server
wipe wipe - wipes targeted aspects after reboot of server, such as 'wipe Akua deposit' which removes replaces ore deposits.