Code Effect
Ctrl + S [air attack] Set off explosion / airstirke
Ctrl + C [$100,000] Add $100,000
Ctrl + A [dakness] Army of Darkness (one of every henchman and minion)
Ctrl + O [items] Give all items
Ctrl + M/N [chaos] Turn on/off Global Chaos
CTRL + T [traps] Gives all traps
DEMO [mode] "Dev Mode"
Money [n] [$100,00] Gives you $100,000 unless you specify another amount
GiveAll [items] Gives all items (note - most items are not in the game -
df_buildinstant [rooms] Build rooms instantly
df_buildinstantobjects [objects] Build objects instantly
fireinthedisco [fire] Set everyone on fire
Ctrl + E [explosion] Set off explosion
Ctrl + M [minion] Add minion
Ctrl + A [agent] Summon agent
Ctrl + B [plaything] Summon plaything
Ctrl + G [god] God mode
CTRL + T [henchmen] Trains up henchmen (mouse must be over henchman)
N [day/night] Move to day/night
R [on/off] Rain on/off
Help Display help for a specific command
ShowCommands [list] List commands
DF_BuildInstantObjects Instant construction
DF_FullyTrainedHenchmen Fully trained henchmen on startup
CutScenes_Enable Enable cut scenes
Give Give object
GiveAll [items] Get everything
Money Get indicated amount of money
RemoveMoney Less money for you
SetMaxPopulation Set minion population
TakeAll Take away everything
SuperAgentSetDefeatable Sets the Defeatable status of the current super agent
UnlockGlossary Unlock the glossary