Factorio is, as you might've guessed from the name, a video game built around the construction and maintenance of factories. Although it sounds simple in principle, you'll find your character searching for resources, researching new technologies and fighting off enemies that threaten your legacy.

Console Commands

Console Commands

TheCommands.co has assembled an updated Factorio Console Commands list. List of Factorio cheats is updated for 0.16.47 version of the game.

To see argument explanation and further help, you can consider a cheat code. Moreover, you can see the Factorio console commands in “Table View” or “Card View” according to your convenience.

Use the / key, which is forward slash to open the Factorio commands. For more guidelines on the execution of Factorio console commands, you can see this piece of article.

To visit the help page, you need to click on the name of a command, where you can find samples and in-depth explanations.