Code Effect
alerts [enable/disable/mute/unmute] [alert] Enables, disables, mutes, or unmutes the given alert type. Available alerts: entity_destroyed, entity_under_attack, not_enough_construction_robots, no_material_for_construction, not_enough_repair packs, turret_fire, custom, no_storage, train_out_of_fuel, fluid_mixing.
clear Clears the console.
color [color] Changes your color. Can either be one of the pre-defined colors or RGBA value in the format of “# # # #”. Available colors: default, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, pink, purple, white, black, gray, brown, cyan, acid.
evolution Prints info about the alien evolution factor.
help [command] Prints a list of available commands, the optional argument can specify the command that should be described.
h [command] Same as /help.
mute-programmable-speaker [mute/unmute] [local/everyone] Mutes or unmutes the global sounds created by the Programmable Speaker. Use “local” to mute just the local client. Admins can use “everyone” to mute the sounds for everyone on the server.
perf-avg-frames [number] Number of ticks/updates used to average performance counters. Default is 100. Value of 5-10 is recommended for fast convergence, but numbers will jitter more rapidly.
permissions Opens the permissions GUI.
screenshot [x resolution] [y resolution] [zoom] Takes a screenshot with the GUI hidden, centered on the player. It is saved in the "script-output" subfolder of your User data directory. Resolution is optional and defaults to the current window size. Zoom is optional and defaults to 1.
seed Prints the starting map seed.
time Prints info about how old the map is.
toggle-action-logging Toggles logging all input actions performed by the game. This value isn’t persisted between game restarts and only affects your local game in multiplayer sessions.
toggle-heavy-mode Used to investigate desyncs. Will slow down the game and make multiplayer unplayable.
toggle-rockets-sent-gui Toggles if the rockets sent button is shown in the upper left corner of the screen.
unlock-shortcut-bar Unlocks all shortcut bar items.
version Prints the current game version.
[message] Console input that does not start with / is shown as a chat message to your team.
admin Opens the player management GUI.
admins Prints a list of game admins.
ban [player] [reason] Bans the specified player.
banlist [add/remove/get/clear] [player] Adds or removes a player from the banlist. Same as /ban or /unban.
config [get/set] [option] [value] Gets or sets various multiplayer game settings. Available configs are: afk-auto-kick, allow-commands, allow-debug-settings, autosave-interval, autosave-only-on-server, ignore-player-limit-for-returning-players, max-players, max-upload-speed, only-admins-can-pause, password, require-user-verification, visibility-lan, visibility-public.
delete-blueprint-library [player] Deletes the blueprint library storage for the given offline player from the save file. Enter “everybody confirm” to delete the storage of all offline players.
demote [player] Demotes the player from admin.
ignore player Prevents the chat from showing messages from this player. Admin messages are still shown.
ignores Prints a list of ignored players.
kick [player] [reason] Kicks the specified player.
mute [player] Prevents the player from saying anything in chat.
mutes All players that are muted (can’t talk in chat).
open [player] Opens another player’s inventory.
o [player] Same as /open.
players [online/o/count/c] Prints a list of players in the game. (parameter online/o, it prints only players that are online, count/c prints only count)
promote [player] Promotes the player to admin.
purge [player] Clears all the messages from this player from the chat log.
reply [message] Replies to the last player that whispered to you.
r [message] Same as /reply.
server-save Saves the game on the server in a multiplayer game.
shout [message] Sends a message to all players including other forces.
s [message] Same as /shout.
swap-players [player] [player] Swaps your character with the given player’s character, or if two players are given swaps the two player characters.
unban [player] Unbans the specified player.
unignore [player] Allows the chat to show messages from this player.
unmute [player] Allows the player to talk in chat again.
whisper [player] [message] Sends a message to the specified player.
w [player] [message] Same as /whisper.
whitelist [add/remove/get/clear] [player] Adds or removes a player from the whitelist, where only whitelisted players can join the game. Enter nothing for “player” when using “get” to print a list of all whitelisted players. An empty whitelist disables the whitelist functionality allowing anyone to join.
cheat [all] Researches all technologies and enables cheat mode. Using the all option also gives the player some additional items.
command [command] Executes a Lua command.
c [command] Executes a Lua command.
editor Toggles the map editor.
measured-command [command] Executes a Lua command and measures time it took.
silent-command [command] Executes a Lua command without printing it to the console.