Fallout New Vegas Cheats List

Below you will find a list of all Fallout: New Vegas console commands. By pressing the tilde ~ key, while playing the game, you can show the console window. Now, type one of the codes given below and press ENTER button to activate the corresponding cheat function.

In some cases, you can press the ~ or ` key to open the console. The UI may disappear and the game will pause. You will see a cursor appears in the bottom left hand side of the screen. At that place you can put the console commands. Press ENTER once you type the command. You can have a look at detailed explanation and arguments by scrolling over the cheat.

Console Commands
Code Effect
tdm Demigod mode. Health and encumbrance is infinite, but ammo isn't.
tm Turns menus and UI off and on.
set timescale to [#] Speeds up or slows down time. The default value is 30.
player.setscale <scale> — [1 is normal.] Numbers below that will shrink you. Number above that will make you massive. You don't need the <> brackets around the number.
player.setlevel [X] Where X is the level you want to be.
player.rewardxp [15000] Gives you 15,000 XP.
showracemenu Change your race.
shownamemenu Change your name.
player.removeperk [base_id] Take the ID'd perk away.
addreputation [base_ID] [0/1 to add infamy/fame] [amount] Replace with one of the codes below. Select 1 to add reputation; select 0 to add infamy. Then replace with the amount of rep you want to add or remove. You can only add 5 rep at a time, to a maximum of 100 total.
removereputation [base_ID] [0/1 to set infamy/fame] [amount] Same deal as addreputation, except the amount you set will be subtracted from your rep with the specified faction.
addtofaction [factionID] [0/1] Replace the [factionID] with one of the codes below, and then select 0 if you want the targeted NPC to be friendly with that faction. Select 1 if you want them to be allied with that faction.
tfc [Toggle free cam.] Add a 1 after tfc to also freeze everyone in the scene. This is good for taking dramatic screenshots.
sgtm [X] Where X is how fast time moves. It's a multiplier so 1 is normal speed, 0.5 is half speed, and so on.
twf Wireframe toggle.
tm Switch HUD on and off.
tmm [1/0] Type 1 to show discovered map markers, 0 to hide them. Type tmm 101 to reveal all markers, even undiscovered ones.
movetoqt Moves you to next quest target.
coc [cell name] Moves you to a location. A full list of the Cell IDs is available
caqs Completes every objective in every quest it's possible to receive in the game, essentially removing quests so you can wander without objectives.
addreputation [base_id] [variable] [amount] adds player reputation with faction; the value will max out at its normal maximum value of 100. The variable will determine if the amount is added to the player's fame (1) or infamy (0) with the faction.
removereputation [base_id] [variable] [amount] removes player reputation with faction; the value will max out at its normal minimum value of 0. The variable will determine if the amount is subtracted from the player's fame (1) or infamy (0) with the faction.
setreputation [base_id] [variable] [amount] sets player reputation with faction; the value will max out at its normal minimum and maximum values of 0 and 100. The variable will determine if the amount is set for the player's fame (1) or infamy (0) with the faction.
setally [base_id_1] [base_id_2] [variable_1] [variable_2] sets factions allied status with each other. The variable will determine the status of each faction to the other: 0=friend, 1=ally.
setenemy [base_id_1] [base_id_2] [variable_1] [variable_2] sets factions enemy status with each other. The variable will determine the status of each faction to the other: 0=enemy, 1=neutral.
sqt Generates a list of current quest targets.
completequest [QuestID] Completes the given quest.
caqs Completes all stages of all quests, even quests you have not taken on, basically completely wiping out all quests of the game and completing the game without ending the game.
setstage [QuestID] [Quest stage number] Moves the quest in your quest log to the indicated quest stage. Recommended command for moving past bugged sections of quests rather than forcing the entire quest to become completed.
setobjectivedisplayed [QuestID] [Quest stage number] [Display(1)/Remove(0)] Sets which objective is displayed, in progress, in your quest log. After typing the stage number type 1 (to display) or 0 (to remove)
resetquest [QuestID] Gives the given quest, removing it from the quest log. Beware: often, this may force you to redo other quests to receive it once more.
showquestlog Shows the quest log which includes everything the player has encountered and done.
player.additem [base id] [amount] Get the indicated amount of the selected item.
player.removeitem [base id] [amount] Remove the indicated amount of the selected item.
player.additemhealthpercent [base_id] [amount] [quality] add item to your inventory, with a specified condition. Quality should be given in decimal form.
setownership make the item yours by mouse left-click on item and typing setownership (for instance, a cabinet or a bed; already owned property will still deduct Karma)
clearownership make the item unowned
lock [lock level] lock doors, safes, terminals or any other unlocked containers. Adding a number after lock sets the difficulty. For example, lock 0 would create a very easy lock, lock 25 an easy lock, and lock 100 a very hard lock. lock 101 will make the item unpick-able (Requires Key).
setpccanusepowerarmor[ 1 ] make power armor wearable. If you can already wear power armor and type 0 instead of 1, you will no longer be able to wear it.
player.showinventory shows player inventory and item ID's of all player inventory items.
player.getav Get the current value of Skills or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. amount. See Fallout 3 console commands for the list. These can be modified with the modav command.
player.modav [ActorValue] [value] Add or subtract from Skills or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. amount. (Example: player.modav energyweapons 25 +25 to Energy Weapons)
player.forceav [ActorValue] [value] Set precise value of Skill or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. level. A = Skill or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. name; X = amount - Skill range from (1-100), S.P.E.C.I.A.L. from (1-10) (Example: player.forceav medicine 50 sets medicine level on 50)
player.advlevel Levels the player up by one level, but does not add the Experience Points. While you gain all level perks, etc, you will not level again until you have made up all the points for the levels gained by this command and the experience required for the next level.
player.rewardxp [15000 – adds 15000 exp.] Any levels gained will be granted immediately, one after the other. (You cannot subtract experience using player.rewardxp -n. Attempting player.modav xp -n displays the message "Actor value 'XP' cannot be modified in scripts or the console.")
showracemenu Allows race editing, whenever.
showbarbermenu Allows hair editing.
shownamemenu Allows renaming.
player.addperk [base id] give player selected perk or trait. For list of perks, click the list of items here.
player.removeperk [base id] removes the selected perk.
sexchange changes the sex of your character.
player.setav speedmult [X] changes movement speed by percentage. Example: player.setav speedmult 50 cuts movement in half, while player.setav speedmult 150 increases movement by half.
showtraitmenu Allows the player to re-pick their traits.
addperk Select an NPC and type addperk 00031db7; this example would give the selected NPC Light Step.
resurrect [1] Revives non-player character without renewing their inventory. This command will not enable the completion of failed quests.
player.resurrect May cause a game crash.
tcai Toggle all non-player character combat AI (non-player character doesn't fight)
tai Toggle all or selected non-player character AI (disables AI processing)
OpenTeammateContainer[ 1 ] Will open their inventory, as though they were a companion, for the transfer of inventory items.
SetRestrained[ 1 ] Will cause an actor to stand in place, not engaging in combat or carrying out AI packages.
PlayIdle [X] Plays an idle, where X is the idle's EditorID string (not the FormID). The number of EditorIDs are too numerous to list here.
PushActorAway [X] [Y] Causes another actor (variable X, an Actor reference formID) to go into a ragdoll state and gets impelled away at a force of Y, away from the calling reference (selectable by clicking on a ref in console mode or by using the 'prid' command)
rdf resets all the dialog trees of all actors. A last resort for bugged dialog; can help in bugged quests or break them if used incorrectly. (i.e. choosing an answer, then resetting and choosing a different one may or may not break the quest based on such answers) Use with caution.
player.placeatme [base id] Spawns Creature/Non-player character, static objects, and containers. They will spawn on top of you, so make sure you are in an open area if you spawn a lot.
addtofaction [X] Makes selected non-player character a member of a specific faction. Replace X with "1" to make the non-player character an ally of the faction or "0" to simply make him/her friendly with it. Be sure to click on each character you want to add to the faction before entering the command. So, for example, to add a non-player character to your own character's faction as a friend, you would first click on them and then enter addtofaction 1b2a4 0. Remember you will then need to use the stopcombat function right afterward if the non-player character was already attacking.
removefromfaction [faction id] Removes non-player character from a specific faction.
sgtm [X] Set global time speed, where X is the multiplier (IE: normal: 1, half speed: 0.5)
sucsm [X] Set UFO cam movement speed (IE: freecam speed), where X is a multiplier
tlb Toggle Light Brite (disables lighting and shadowing; all materials at full brightness; normal bump shading won't function)
tmm [1/0] Show/hide all mapmarkers (additionally : 'tmm 1 0 1' will show all map markers without discovering them and without being able to fast travel to them.)
tp Toggle view of projectiles and spawns
tfow Toggle fog of war on local map
tdm Toggle demigod mode (infinite health, limited ammunition, need to reload, able to carry unlimited items)
EnablePlayerControls Enables player controls (when disabled by quasi-cutscenes)
disable Removes the selected object from the game (can be undone by typing "enable" while the object is still selected. Great for removing glitching objects.
enable Used for enabling previously disabled objects. (Object still needs to be selected, as you cannot reselect an object that no longer exists.)
coc [cell name] Force fast travel to town/area (Example: coc Jacobstown)
tcg Toggle Collision Geometry Visibility
twf Toggle Wireframe
tm Toggle HUD
tvl Toggle VATS lights
search [term] [form type (optional)] search for a specific item or object containing said query. The variable will determine what type of item is being searched for, however this setting appears to be broken.
incrementscriptedchallenge [base id] Increments the current value of a challenge by 1, does not work with all challenges. See Fallout: New Vegas challenges for challenge base IDs.
help Display all console commands
tgm God mode
player.resethealth Restore health and limb health
getXPfornextlevel Gain one level
player.setav [skill name] [1-100] Set skill level
setspecialpoints [1-10] Set special points
settagskills [number] Set tag skill points
RewardKarma [number] Add Karma points (use negative values for negative karma)
modpcs [skill name] [number] Add skill points
modpca [skill name] [number] Add S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points
addspecialpoints [number] Add special points
player.additem [000000F] [number] Add bottle caps
player.additem [00103B1C] [number] Add sunset sarsaparilla blue star bottle caps
player.additem [0012B38D] [number] Add Anti-Material Rifle
player.additem [item code] [number] Add item
player.setweaponhealthperc [100] Set currently equipped weapon's condition to 100
setgs fmoverunmult [number] Set speed of NPCs and player; default is "4"
setgs fJumpHeightMin [number] Sets player jump height; 64 is default
player.placeatme [69EE6] Spawn ammo item box
player.placeatme [69EE7] Spawn armor item box
player.placeatme [69EE8] Spawn books item box
player.placeatme [69EE9] Spawn misc item box
player.placeatme [69EEA] Spawn potions item box
player.placeatme [8F7B9] Spawn weapons item box
GetQuestCompleted Complete current quest
player.srm Repair items
tmm [1] All map markers
tcl Toggle no clipping mode
tfow Toggle fog of war in local map
removefromallfactions Remove player from all factions
removeallitems Remove all items from selected NPC
unlock Unlock selected physical lock or terminal
activate Open door without unlocking
SetGS fVATSHitChanceMult [100] Perfect VATS aiming
coc DevArmory Developer test room
SetReputation [faction ID] [0 or 1] [1-100] Change faction reputation
ShowPlasticSurgeonMenu Change all face options
tdt Toggle debug display
player.additem [001465A6 1] Debug MegaPistol
tDetect Toggle detection
bDisableAllGore=[0 or 1] Toggle gore
tlv Toggle leaves
CloseAllMenus Close all menus
Save [name] Save game
saq Save and quit
QQQ Quit game