Code Effect
Invincible Makes you unable to be killed. Must be in an engagement.
Full Ammo [Adds 999] Adds 999 to the current clip of all guns you have equipped. Must be in an engagement.
Kill All Enemies Kills all enemy in the current engagement. Must be in an engagement.
All Enemies Flee Forces enemies to flee. Must be in an engagement.
Suicide [Kill Yourself] Kills you. Must be in an engagement.
Add All Items Adds as many items it can to the player's inventory, filling it up. Starting with Items, then Armors, afterwards Weapons.
Add Zolties [1000000] Awards 1,000,000 Zolties to the player's wallet.
Add Exp [10000] Awards 10,000 Exp to the player and all party members.
Get All Clothes [Add Clothes] Adds Clothes to the player's inventory.
Get All Weapons [Add Weapons] Adds Weapons to the player's inventory.
Enable Fast Forward Enable Fast Forward
Reveal Enemy Reveals where the enemy is in an instance of fighting. Must be in an engagement.
Reset Location Places you back at a random friendly city.
Add All Soldiers [Add 1 Unit] Adds 1 of every unit to your party and creates divisions for them.
Add Wood and Iron [Adds wood] Adds Wood and Iron to your inventory.
Add all Companions Adds all companions to the player, both on the companion tab and the party tab.
Acquire All Cities Acquires all cities on the world map.
Acquire Nearby City Acquires the nearest city.
Full Attribute Maxes out all stats including Attributes, Skills, and Weapons.