Code Effect
WASD Movement
Space bar Jump
Space bar (Hold while pressing a direction) Run
Space bar (Hold while staying still) Sit
M Kick
M (Hold) Lie down
Ctrl Duck
Ctrl (Hold) Crawl
Ctrl Headbutt
Shift Lift
Shift Taunt
key or left mouse button Left punch/grab
key or right mouse button Right punch/grab
Right arrow key Next camera angle
Left arrow key Previous camera angle
key (can be pressed repeatedly) Speed up game
key (can be pressed repeatedly) Slow down game
0 Revert to standard speed
1~2 keys Spawn pushing or pulling force
3~7 keys Spawn props
Shift or Ctrl with numbers 1~8 Spawn opponents
F1 Toggle day and night
Press jump, then tap kick Dropkick
Grab using both arms, then press jump Climb
Press jump, then hold kick Backflip
Hold kick and crawl while holding a direction Powerslide