Code Effect
add anomaly [CTRL O] Adds data in abnormal way
adds hitpoints [CTRL A] adds hitpoints, move points, attack and defense points
major races [CTRL L] assign all the worlds and resources to major races
battleship [CTRL B] fights for the devils in game
clear fog of war [CTRL U] This Command clears the screen
clone selected ship [CTRL C] Teleports to clone ship
create colony ship [CTRL Y] create colony ship
create random ship [CTRL V] create random ship
decreases morality [CTRL E] decreases morality
heals ship, restores move points [CTRL H] heals ship, restores move points
star system [CTRL P] increase the class of the planets in the selected star system
increases morality [CTRL G] increases morality
human colonies [CTRL J] make all human colonies complete their social and military projects
money [adds $1000] [CTRL M ] money (adds $1000)
current tech [CTRL S] research current tech (if shift key is also held, all techs except final frontier are researched)
teleport [CTRL T] teleport
modcredits [amount] The modcredits command will modify the local player’s credits by the value provided
modpop [amount] The modpop command will change the population of the colony on the currently selected planet This works for any player’s colony
modcult [amount] The modcult command will modify the local player’s culture (ideology) points by the value provided
colonize [all] The colonize command will colonize the currently selected planet for the current local player
unlock [internal name The unlock command will unlock the specified tech for the local player If no tech name is given, then all techs and culture traits will be unlocked
fastunlock A light weight unlock command that unlocks all the techs as quickly as possible This does nothing else and takes no parameters
fow [player index] The fow command will toggle the fog of war on and off It can also select which player’sfog of war to show based on player index – The player index of whose fog of war should be displayed
resources Toggles whether or not resources are required for building ships It will also grant 1000 of every type of resource
god Toggles the ability for the local player to control every player’s empire
lighting Activates the lighting options in the main map screen
spawnrelic Spawns a Relic resource in a random empty location
spawnantimatter Spawns an Antimatter resource in a random empty location (around a black hole)
wingame Kills all players except for the local player Game will end
losegame Kills the local player Game will end
modstat [amount] this commands sets mod for list things
liststat [amount] It lists all the data through the
createtraderesource [interna] [name] [tilex] [tiley] this creates resurce for the object
finish [next] displays more sources to the finish line
event [internalname] manages event for resurce object
unlock [internal name] unlocks object features
destroy [object ID] You can destroy all of the enemies in the game by using this command.
fowtrans This command allows you to instantly fowtrans the objects in the game.
displayfow With this command, you can displayfow easily.
killplayer [player index] When you enable this command, you can killplayer.
force desync error This command can force desync error in the game when this gets enabled.
displayinfluence you can display influence by using this command in the game.
dipstate [state] [player] [index] [player] [index] With this command, you can dipstate the game.
addmod [internal name] this command allows you to addmod in the game.
fps When you enable this command, you can get fps.
hideui with this command, you can hideui easily.