Green Hell Console Commands & Cheats

Console Commands
Code Effect
U Unlock story mode.
L Show fake loading screen.
K Hide fake loading screen.
F1 Show debug menu: Scenario.
F2 Show debug menu: Spawners.
F3 Show debug menu: Skills.
F4 Show debug menu: AI.
F5 Show debug menu: Wounds.
F6 Show debug menu: Dialogs.
F7 Show debug menu: Log.
F9 Show coordinates in upper right corner.
L-CTRL Forward time (1 hour).
NUMPAD + Backward time (1 hour).
NUMPAD - - Increase game speed.
NUMPAD / - Toggle godmode (Unlimited health and stamina).
L-CTRL + M Complete notebook (Crafting, Item infos, Injuries, ...).
L-CTRL + U Forward time (10 hours).
NUMPAD ENTER Show statistics.
R-ALT + K Kill all creatures.
L-ALT + L Give all creatures 10 damage.
I - Spawn item (select in item debug menu).
NUMPAD 0 Spawn creature (select in AI debug menu).
NUMPAD 2 Spawn creature as hallucination (select in AI debug menu).
NUMPAD 3 Spawn creature as idling (select in AI debug menu).
NUMPAD 1 Play dialog (select in dialogues menu).
Z Spawn enemy wave.
F8 Finish all Blueprints.
R-CTRL + H Toggle HUD.
NUMPAD 9 Save game.
NUMLOCK Decrease game speed.
PAUSE Pauses the game without opening the pause menu.
L-ALT + Kill the player.
L-ALT + L-SHIFT + Damage the player (25 points).
BACKSPACE Damage the player with claws (30 points).
V Show diving mask.
B Show biohazard mask.
L Start goldmine dream.
R-ALT + F Put fire in hand.
F10 Open crafting manager.
F11 Put item in hand into backpack.
R-ALT + J Pass out.
L-SHIFT + 5 Save location.
L-SHIFT + 6 Teleport to saved location.
PAGE UP Increase sanity by 5.
PAGE DOWN Decrease sanity by 5.