Legend of Grimrock 2 Console Commands

TheCommands.co has made a list of all the Legend of Grimrock 2 console commands. You can enable the console commands by going to My Documents\Almost Human\Legend Of Grimrock 2. Go to the Grimrock.CFG. file and find the lines that says “console = false”. Change “false” to “true” and the next line should read “consolekey = 200”.

Now change the number to “192” and save the changes. When you start the game, the tilde ~ key can make up the console. It is located at the left upper corner under the Esc key. 

Console Commands
Code Effect
Party.party:heal [Restore] Full restore for all party members
spawn "etherweed" [1] Get 1 Etherweed
spawn "falconskyre" [1] Get 1 Falconskyre
spawn "mudwort" [1] Get 1 mudwort
spawn "tome_fire" [+25] Spawn a book of fire resistance +25
spawn "cheese" Spawn a Piece of cheese
spawn "crystal_shard_recharging" Spawn a shard to redcharge items
spawn "tome_earth" [+25] Spawn tome earth of resistance +25
spawn "tome_air" [+25] spawn tome of air resistance +25
spawn "tome_water" [+25] spawn tome of water resistance +25
spawn [magic_bridge] spawns a "magic...glowing bridge that covers one square in front of the party.
spawn [tome_wisdom] spawns a book that, when right-clicked in your inventory, will give the character one skill point.
spawn [crystal_shard_healing] spawns a crystal shard that fully heals the party, and removes all bad status effects, including death.
spawn [master_key] spawns a key that will open just about any lock....except those on a treasure chest.
spawn [lock_pick] spawns a lock pick that is used to open treasure chests.
spawn [timepiece] spawns a timepiece that lets you know what time it is while you are resting.