GTA 3 Cheats Codes List

While playing the game, you need to type these commands. You will have a confirmation with a sound and message that you added correct code entry.

You can enter the cheats with the help of your keyboard while in the gameplay. You don’t need to bring up a dialogue box or console command. 

Console Commands
Code Effect
GESUNDHEIT [Health] Full health
GUNSGUNSGUNS [Weapons] Unlock all weapons
IFIWEREARICHMAN [Money] Free money
TURTOISE [Armor] Full armor
SKINCANCERFORME [Clear] Set weather to clear
CHITTYCHITTYBB [Flying Car] Enable flying cars
ANICESETOFWHEELS [Vehicles] Invisible vehicles
BANGBANGBANG [Destroy] Destroy nearby cars
CORNERSLIKEMAD [Improve] Improve handling
GIVEUSATANK [Tank] Spawn Rhino (tank)
ILIKEDRESSINGUP [Outfit] Change outfit
MOREPOLICEPLEASE [Increase] Increase Wanted level
NOPOLICEPLEASE [Decrease] Decrease Wanted level
TIMEFLIESWHENYOU [Faster] Faster time/gameplay
NASTYLIMBSCHEAT [Visual] Enable graphic gore
ITSALLGOINGMAAAD [Mad] Pedestrians go crazy
NOBODYLIKESME [Attack] Pedestrians attack
WEAPONSFORALL [Weapons] Pedestrians all have weapons