Code Effect
god God Mode
notarget [Ignore] Enemies Ignore You
noclip [Clipping] No Clipping Mode
give [Item] Get Item
hurtme [Player] Damage Player
impulse [101] Give All Weapons
impulse [102] Skulls
impulse [76] Grunt
impulse [82] Spawn a Jeep
impulse [83] Spawn Airboat
buddha [Health] Reduce Health
maps [List] List Maps
npc_kill [Area] Kill All NPCs in Area
npc_create [NPC] Creates an NPC
npc_create_aimed [Aiming Way] Creates an NPC aiming away from the player.
hud_quickhelp/text? [1] Shows crosshair
ch_createairboat Spawn Airboat
map [Load] Load Specific Map
cl_drawhud [1] Toggle HUD display On
cl_enablehud [1] Toggle HUD display On
cl_showfps [1] Shows FPS Rate
setpos Move player to specified origin
sv_gravity [#] Set Gravity (# = number)
sv_stopspeed [#] Set Minimum Stopping Speed on Ground (# = number)
sv_friction [#] Set World Friction (# = number)
sv_bounce [#] Sets bounce multiplier for physically object collisions (# = number)
sv_maxvelocity [#] Sets Maximum Velocity of moving object (# = number)
sv_waterdist [#] Set Vertical View when eyes are near water plane. (# = number)
air_density [#] Change the density of air. (# = number)
healthkit give item_healthkit
give item_healthvial healthvial
give item_box_buckshot box_buckshot
give item_box_mrounds box_mrounds
give item_box_sniper_rounds box_sniper_rounds
give item_box_srounds box_srounds
give item_battery battery
give item_suit suit
give item_ml_grenade ml_grenade
give item_ar2_grenade ar2_grenade
give weapon_alyxgun alyxgun
give weapon [ar1] ar1
give weapon [ar2] ar2
give weapon [binoculars] binoculars
give weapon [brickbat] brickbat
give weapon [bugbait] bugbait
give weapon [cguard] cguard
give weapon [crossbow] crossbow
give weapon [crowbar] crowbar
give weapon [cubemap] cubemap
give weapon [extinguisher] extinguisher
give weapon [flaregun] flaregun
give weapon [frag] frag
give weapon [gauss] gauss
give weapon [hmg1] hmg1
give weapon [hopwire] hopwire
give weapon [iceaxe] iceaxe
give weapon[immolator] immolator
give weapon [irifle] irifle
give weapo [manhack] manhack
give weapon [ml] ml
give weapon [molotov] molotov
give weapon [physcannon] physcannon
give weapon [physgun] physgun
give weapon [pistol] pistol
give weapon [rollerwand] rollerwand
give weapon [rpg] rpg
give weapon [shotgun] shotgun
give weapon [slam] slam
give weapon [smg1] smg1
give weapon [smg2] smg2
give weapon [sniperrifle] sniperrifle
give weapon [stickylauncher] stickylauncher
give weapon [stunstick] stunstick
give weapon[thumper] thumper
item_ammo [357] .357 Ammo
item_box [srounds] 9mm Ammo
item_ammo [crossbow] Crossbow Ammo
item_box [lrounds] Pulse Gun Ammo
item_ml_ [grenade] RPG Rocket
item_box [buckshot] Shotgun Ammo
item_box [mrounds] SMG Ammo
item_ar2 [grenade] SMG Grenades (secondary shot)