Hexen: Beyond Heretic Cheat Codes List

Console Commands
Code Effect
locksmith All Keys
nra All Weapons, Full Mana, Full Armor
Indiana Gain 25 of All Items
Sherlock Get All Artifacts
satan God Mode
casper No Clipping Mode
mraymondjudy all keys
tmoore all quest artifacts
braffel all standard artifacts
crhinehart all weapons, full armor and full mana
plipo [0-2] changes character class; will reset armor level
sgurno full health
bgokey god mode (falling from high places, telefragging, and the instant death code will still kill you)
cstika kills all monsters on level
bpelletier [00-04] level warp
rambo lose all weapons
rjohnson no clipping mode
init reload level
mwagabaza## run script ##
jsumwalt shows coordinates
rrettenmund shows ticker dots for frames per second (FPS)
pmacarther shows version information
schilder sound debug data
reveal toggles map mode (full map; full map with objects; must be typed in map mode)
ebiessman toggles temporary pig mode
quicken type it 3 times for instant death
shadowcaster# changes to class <0-2>; resets armor
noise displays sound debug data
mrjones displays version info
ticker frame rate ticker
clubmed full health
butcher kills all monsters on level
visit## [## is the level number] level warp
conan lose all weapons
init restarts current level
puke## runs script ##
where shows coordinates
mapsco toggles full map; full map with objects (must be entered at map screen)
deliverance toggles temporary pig mode
martek type it three times for instant death