Code Effect
g_gore [true/false] Affects whether slain enemies will leave gore effects or not. True or False.
r_hdr [HDR] Enables or disables the use of HDR rendering.
g_language Changes the game's language. Currently no other languages. Will require a restart to take effect.
g_laser_sight [0,1] Changes the Aim Guide option. 1 for on, 0 of off, -1 for Auto.
g_local_player_marker [true,false] Adds a colored circle below your character's sprite. True or False.
g_mousemove_speed Multiplier for the speed of the mouse cursor movement on gamepads.
g_movedir_snap [angel] Snap angle for the movement direction on gamepads.
g_potion_delay Add a delay before you can reuse your potion. This can prevent rogue keyboards.
g_richpresence Enable or disable rich presence for discord and steam.
r_shadows [0,1,2] Shadow quality. 0 = off, 1 = sun only, 2 = all.
r_smooth_scrolling Enables or disables smooth camera scrolling.
rg_brightness Brightness of the game.
rg_contrast Contrast of the colors.
rg_gamma Gamma value of the colors.
rg_crt_curve Multiplier for the CRT curve effect.
rg_pixel_perfect Whether the scene needs to render in pixel perfect mode or not. Pixel perfect in this sense means that the game will be rendered in 1x sprite scale and then upscaled (faster). If it's disabled, the game is rendered in its full size and sprites are scaled instead (slower). Disabling pixel perfect allows for a few smoother effects like shadows.
g_time_hour Set the in game time, useful if you're not a fan of the night in town!
v_resolution Affects the games resolution. Example: v_resolution 1600x900
v_fullscreen Enables or disables fullscreen. Use 0 or 1
v_vsync Enables or disables vsync. True or False
v_forced_aspect_ratio Set the aspect ratio for the game. This can be used to achieve a zoomed out view.
cs_bgcolor Background color of the console. Set as a vec4: *cs_bgcolor 1 0 0 0.5* for a red transparent console background.
cs_fgcolor Text color of the console. Set as a vec4.
cs_enabled Enable or disable the use of the console entirely. Useful if you need the console toggle button for something else.
cs_height The height of the console window, in a multiplier of the screen height: 0.5 means 50% of the screen height.
cs_show_build Whether to show the game's build ID in the bottom left of the screen.
cs_show_log Shows recent log additions as an overlay at the top of the screen
cs_show_log_count The amount of recent lines to be displayed for cs_show_log
cs_speed The speed for the console toggle animation. The higher the faster.
condump Dumps the contents of the console to a file, doesn't include timestamps, format is condump "filename
e_cheats e_cheats is required for any of these commands to work. Once toggled on, a red text will appear top right. Cheats are only available on modded profiles.
change_level change/load level to the chosen relative path argument. ex: levels/testDoodad.lvl
g_scale Changes the scaling of the game. The default for a 16:9 resolution would have a game scale of 4.
g_timescale Affects the game speed.
give_all_dyes Gives all dyes
give_blueprint Give a specific Blueprint. The argument is the Items ID Name.
give_combo Triggers the combo status
give_curse Gives curse
give_drink Give a specific drink. The argument must be the drink's ID name.
give_drinks Gives drinks at the set rarity, "give_drinks 32 32 32" would give 32 each to the common, uncommon and rare drinks.
give_experience Give a selected amount of experience from argument.
give_gold Give a selected amount of gold from argument.
give_health Give a selected amount of health from argument.
give_item Give a specific item. The argument must be the item's ID name.
give_items Give a selected amount of item with the 4 arguments. The 4 arguments represent the rarities. 1st arg = common, eg "give_items 50 0 0 0 0" will give 50 random common items.
give_key Give a key. Bronze key = 0, Silver = 1, Gold = 2, Ace = 3.
give_mana [0,1,2,3] Give a selected amount of mana from argument.
give_ore Give a selected amount of ore from argument.
give_statue Gives a built statue of a defined level, for a list of statue ID's see the statue page.
give_statue_blueprint Gives the next level of statue blueprint for the specified statue, for a list of statue ID's see the statue page
god Set infinite health, doesn't always work as expected
levelup Specifies an amount of Levels to Level up by.
noclip Remove player collision.
r_draw_* r_draw has many options, for a much easier interface use cs_show_menu 1 and use the Cvars > rendering > draw menu.
set_char_ngp [name] [level] Sets the current characters NGP level for specified campaign to the desired level. Forsaken Tower = base, Pyramids of Prophecy = pop
set_char_gladiator Sets the current characters arena level.
set_ngp Sets the current NGP, can be used at any point.
set_last_gladiator_rank Sets the arena level at the interface, useful to avoid clicking through levels of you've set your max arena level too high
cs_show_menu* Displays a menu at the top of the screen with many debug options and useful information about the current save
ui_flags [0] Displays any currently set flags on screen, "ui_flags 2" can be used to display on the right
list_flags Lists the current flags in the console
listenemies Lists the current enemies in the console
listmodifiers Lists the current modifiers in the console
r_draw_scripts* Displays scripts on screen.
r_draw_scripts_compact* When scripts are being drawn, this will toggle whether they are compact or not.
r_draw_scripts_lines* When scripts are being drawn, this will toggle whether connecting lines are drawn.
r_draw_collision* Draws object collision.
r_draw_physics* Draws object physics.
r_draw_raycasts* Shows raycasts.
r_draw_pathfinds* Shows pathfind information
debug_widgets useful for debugging on screen widgets.
ui_cursor_unit Displays unit name when the mouse is over it.
debug_dungeon_prefabs listed currently loaded dungeon prefabs in the console
r_script_line_alpha Configure the alpha of the script lines.
r_script_line_scroll Whether script links should be animated and scroll. The higher the faster.
r_draw_scripts_lines_head The size of the arrow head for script links
ed_grid_color [grid] Changes the RGBA of the grid. Ex: 0.5,0.1,0.1,0.8 will make it red.
ed_grid_width [1] Changes the pixel width of the grid. default 1.
ed_history_limit The limit of changes that the editor will remember.
lobby_members Write a list of all lobby members to the console.
lobby_kick [1] Kick a player from the lobby. Only works if you're the host. Takes 1 parameter, the lobby member ID. Get the ID using *lobby_members*.
lobby_say Send a chat message via the console.
g_multiplayer_limit Set this value to some higher value than 4 before opening the "create lobby" menu to allow hosting lobbies with more than 4 players.
g_multiplayer_ping_limit When clients get disconnected, they have this many seconds for their connection to be restored before they are automatically kicked.
g_pure Must be set in the config file, default value is 1, by setting to 0 allows multiplayer with unpacked mods, you'll only see players with the same pure settings as your own.
snd_volume Master sound volume scale.
snd_volume_env Environment sounds volume scale.
snd_volume_music Music volume scale.
snd_volume_sfx Sound effects volume scale.
snd_volume_ui UI sounds volume scale.
snd_volume_voice Voice sounds volume scale
ui_bars_visibility Whether to show the health/mana bars in the middle of the screen. -1 = never, 0 = only when health or mana is not full, 1 = always.
ui_chat_fade_time The amount of time in milliseconds needs to be elapsed for a chat message to fade out.
ui_chat_scale Scale multiplier of the chat window.
ui_chat_pos [2sec] Move the position of the chat with 2 variables. The two variables need to have a comma with no spaces in between. Ex; ui_chat_pos 0.9,0.8
ui_chat_width Width scale of the chat window, scaled by the screen width.
ui_cursor_alpha Transparency scale of the mouse cursor and crosshair.
ui_cursor_health Whether to show your health and mana next to the crosshair.
ui_cursor_health_alpha If *ui_cursor_health* is enabled, this is the transparancy scale for the texts.
ui_draw_plr_names [0,1] Whether to show player names above player heads. -1 = never, 0 = only in town, 1 = always.
ui_draw_plr_names_real [GOG] Whether to show player's Steam/GOG names instead of their character names above their heads.
ui_draw_plr_stats Whether to show health bars above other player's heads.
ui_draw_vignette Whether to enable the vignetter effect when badly hurt.
ui_format_letters [100k] Whether to show numbers globally as "100k" instead of "100 000", and "1m" instead of "1 000 000".
ui_key_count Whether to show the key count in the top bar.
ui_scale The scale multiplier of the entire UI.