Hearts of Iron 4 Cheats & Console Commands List

Below you will find a list of all the updated HOI4 console commands that are commonly known as cheat codes.

Into the search bar, type the name of a command to instantly find the command from our data base for the most current version of the game on Steam PC. To see detailed argument help, you can click on the command in the table. By simply clicking the name of a command, you can visit the command page, on which you can find more examples.

You can open the HOI4 console commands by pressing the key (`) usually found under the Esc key. If you cannot find the key from your keyboard layout, you can use other hotkeys to open the console commands, such as: SHIFT + 2 and SHIFT + 3.

Console Commands
Code Effect
manpower Extra Manpower
unity [#] Increase Unity
xp Added Infantry, Naval, and Air experience
Annex [Nation Tag] Annex nation indicated
pp Extra Political Power
research [slot number] Complete Research for specified slot (or enter 'all')
instantproduction Instant Production
yesman Agreeable Diplomats
weather Toggle weather simulation
pp [number] Add Political Power
nuke [number] Adds nuke
airealism Toggle realistic AI
instant_wargoal Instant justification of war goals on countries
set_country_flag [Country Flag] Add a country flag to currently played nation.
nudge Toggle the nudge tool
mapmode [Mapmode type int] Change the mapmodes.
fullscreen Toggle fullscreen mode
prices Price Information
ai Toggle the AI on or off
human_ai Toggle AI for Human countries
ai_invasion Toggle AI naval invasions