Code Effect
manpower Extra Manpower
unity [#] Increase Unity
xp Added Infantry, Naval, and Air experience
Annex [Nation Tag] Annex nation indicated
pp Extra Political Power
research [slot number] Complete Research for specified slot (or enter 'all')
instantproduction Instant Production
yesman Agreeable Diplomats
weather Toggle weather simulation
pp [number] Add Political Power
nuke [number] Adds nuke
airealism Toggle realistic AI
instant_wargoal Instant justification of war goals on countries
set_country_flag [Country Flag] Add a country flag to currently played nation.
nudge Toggle the nudge tool
mapmode [Mapmode type int] Change the mapmodes.
fullscreen Toggle fullscreen mode
prices Price Information
ai Toggle the AI on or off
human_ai Toggle AI for Human countries
ai_invasion Toggle AI naval invasions