Code Effect
nwcavertingoureyes [5 archangles] 5 Archangels in each empty creature slot
nwcshrubbery [gold] Additional gold and resources
nwcsirrobin [lose] Automatically lose
nwctrojanrabbit [win] Automatically win
nwcphisherprice [colors] Brighter colors
nwconlyamodel [structures] Builds all town structures
nwcantioch [machines] Hero gains all War Machines
nwctim [999] Hero gains full spell book and 999 magic
nwcigotbetter [level up] Hero levels up
nwccastleanthrax [hero] Maximum luck for hero
nwcmuchrejoicing [morale] Maximum morale for hero
nwcalreadygotone [grail map] Reveals the entire Grail map
nwcgeneraldirection [map] Reveals the entire map
nwccoconuts [hero] Unlimited movement for hero
/nwcgrail [menu] Cheat Menu