Code Effect
nwcares [win] win combat
nwcachilles [lose] lose combat
nwcvalhalla [scenario] win scenario
nwcragnarok [lose scenario] lose scenario
nwcthoth [gain level] hero gains a level
nwcathena [hero skills] handy menu lets you give any level of any skill to your hero
nwcisis [1,000 points] 1000 spell points + knowledge of all spells allowed by hero's magic skills
nwchermes [10,000 points] 10000 movement points
nwcprometheus [whole map] reveals the whole map
nwcsphinx [puzzle map] reveals the puzzle map
nwcambrosia [gold] 300 of each resource + 200,000 gold
nwccityoftroy [building] build all structures in a town including the grail building
nwcnibelungenlied [negation] gives Ring of Greater Negation
nwcettubrute [despair] gives Dagger of Despair
nwctristram Crusaders
nwclancelot [champ] Champions
nwcstmichael Angels
nwcsevenlittleguys Dwarves
nwcmerlin Magi
nwccronus Titans
nwcblahblah Vampires
nwchades Devils
nwcunderthebridge Trolls
nwckingminos Minotaurs
nwcxanthus Nightmares
nwcfafnir Black Dragons
nwcdoyousmellbrownies Sprites
nwcfenrir Wolves
nwcfixmyshoes Elves
nwcthelast Unicorns
nwcvalkyries Ogre Magi
nwcgrendel Behemoths
nwcposeidon Sea Monsters