Code Effect
supplies Gives 1000 Supplies
money Gives 1000 cash
crudeoil Gives 1000 Oil (its easier to just get fuel).
fuel Gives 1000 Fuel
rarematerials Gives 1000 Rare materials
metal Gives 1000 Metal
energy Gives 1000 Energy
nukes Gives 10 Nukes
addofficers Gives 100 officers
manpower + ## Gives specified amount of manpower
noneutrality Sets player nation to 0 neutrality.
debug fow Remove/add fog of war
event + #event code Activates event
debug spy Superior espionage turned on/off. (Makes all information displayed on Intelligence screen 100% accurate)
debug yesmen AI now always responds favorably/normally
revolt + provid Adds revolt to specified province, repeat to add more rebels.
changecontroller + TAG + provid changes a province's controller
changeowner + TAG + provid changes a province's owner
tag + TAG switch nations to the country specified by TAG.
tdbg Show province IDs on the map when you mouse over a province. (Note: only for For The Motherland 3.06 and Their Finest Hour.)
setnationalunity + TAG + ## changes national unity of target to specified value. Handy for making a nation surrender (or fight on)
givemeall + ## Gives specified amount of all resources
conquerall + TAG Instantly occupy all provinces in specified nation.
aipause + TAG Specified nation AI will no longer make any decisions. (Current orders - e.g. production or unit movement - will continue but new ones will not be ordered.)
reorg + provid Restores player units in province to maximum organisation. Does not include expeditionary forces under your control.
teleportselectionto + provid Teleports selected unit to specified province.
election Instantly holds an election in the player nation.
alwayspartisans Allows your underground resistance cells to spawn partisans regardless of strength.
date + date in format Change current date.
guarantee + TAG + TAG First specified nation proclaims guarantee on second.
surrender + TAG + TAG First specified nation is annexed by second specified nation.
help List all cheats.
help + cheat Explain function of cheat command
instantresearch Instant research *this is a toggle, on and off, end of the day all research you have allocated leadership to with be finished.
instantproduction 1 day unit production + buildings
instantconstruction 1 day unit production + buildings